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3bet or flat ?

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  • 3bet or flat ?

    Heey guys, In this hand.Villian 9 made a 3x raise UTG+1,his stats was 17/15 so it's a tight player,also a aggressive player what i noticed from the last few hands,so i know how he plays. I can do 2 things:flat or 3bet.2 villians on my left was also a tight agg player and the other was fishes/nitties/loose agg or passive. If I 3bet,there's a chance to reduce the player field and hoping to play heads up with villian 9.The thing i was afraid of was,if the tag players call my 3bet,they will do it with a range of ATo+,AQs+ and TT+. I've never seen them 4betting ,so i could get in a tricky spot examples stacksizes and position and i dont have a plan for the further streets (I couldnt tank that long at the moment). If the loose players call my 3bet,they will call it most of the time with a tighter range,maybe some suited connectors or broadway cards. Also i have a very tight image,when i bet they will give me most of the time credit for have a strong/big hand. I made a call and 2 other players calls too. Flop was pretty nice for me.I had top set,but the flop also brings a flushdraw.Original raiser checked to me and I fire a 50-55% bet.It's a very nice prize to draw and that was also my misstake,i think a bet of 1600-1800 was a better bet.But everyone folded and I won the hand Is there a better way to play this hand or is this ok ? Thanks guys

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    Hi MolaSalo! With JJ and a TAG raising to 3BB, I could play this two ways. I could 3-bet which would most likely have me playing for villain 9's stack IF the others fold, OR I could flat and maybe pick up an extra opp or two and try to setmine (which is viable as my stack is deep enough). The majority of the time I'm going to flat here (especially if the opps left to act are aggressive), but could also raise. Depending on the table dynamics, I can see BOTH options as good, viable plays. I see the flop 4-way and flop top set, but there is also a flush draw. When it checks to me, I want to make a c-bet but I need to size it so that I can give the wrong odds to any of the opps that may have pocket hearts for drawing to beat me. If there was only one opp, I'd bet 1/2 pot, but with 3 opps in the pot, I'm going to make a pot-sized bet (2680). This way I can price out all 3 opps and not just one from a possible flush draw. When in this type of situation where there are multiple opps and larger draws, I want to do whatever I can to make the opps have a -EV play to draw to beat me. Yes, this will sometimes cause them to fold and I'll win the pot then, but it will keep me from giving the opps a positive play to outdraw me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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