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6bet shove early in tournament

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  • 6bet shove early in tournament

    Heey guys,

    I've been playing for a while at the micros and i've qualified for the bigger 11 tournament

    Villian stats was 38/25,but just played 16 hands so far and dont have solid reads on him/her.
    He min-raised utg,i have KK and 3bet to 180,pretty standard I think. Everyone folded and the guy made a 4bet to 450.I tank and i came up with 2 things,he have me beat or not.I mean,by 4betting he probably has a pair like JJ,QQ or AA.I dont think he will 4bet with AQs or AKs because he played a pretty loose,see stats.
    I opt to make a 5bet and if he going to shove,i will call it!

    Result,that guy has 99 and flopped a set....

    Was this the right play.I mean,we were so early in the tournament and we were so deepstacked.

    Thanks guys

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    Don't be too results oriented. If anyone should be doubting his play, imho it's the villain. Pocket 9 is NOT a hand to be getting it all in with this early on. Pocket K on the other hand, I don't mind at all. Better luck next time.
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      Hey MolaSalo umbup: I like your bet sizing and I like the line you took. Your 5bet sizing is good because in villains mind it gives him some fold equity if he decides to shove. Were not ever folding Kings here especially against a 38/25. Nice hand , Chris.



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