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Am I crazy or what?

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  • Am I crazy or what?

    Ignorance and luck are an unbeatable combo. Check this out:
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Maybe the correct course of action was to go all-in pre-flop, which I didn't. Instead I made a handsome raise. I know those players are loose agressive, but after he limps, he calls a 4BB raise off position. I put him on Ax or KQ KJ K10. After the flop, I try to scare him off draws, in case he held A3 or sth like that and shove.I mean that I couldn't expect a 4, unless it was A4 and I don't expect him to check in this case. He was after all smart (after flop) and slow-played his trips. But really, why would anybody call a raise off position with K4o? I felt so stupid and suckered, so please tell me: Am I that much of a stupid jackass or was this out of perception?
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    Mate this kind of thing happens at micro stakes (I'm assuming its a micro stake game). I think your Pre flop raise was a bit small, by the time it gets back round to villain 3 he has to call 3,800 into a pot of 13,000 so he's pretty well getting the odds to call with any two. But lets face it he originally limpe K 4 so even a shove might not get rid of him here.
    I think a shove is a bit much pre flop given your stack size but given the nature of your opponents either a shove or a larger pre flop raise than the one you actually made would be a better plan. I'm also not sure about the flop shove. Granted it's a sizable pot by now and both villains have shown weakness but I think you risk folding out all those Ax hands that haven't connected but might call a cbet, while keeping in anything that has you beat (except maybe a small pocket pair).
    Would any of this have made a differance? Who knows. You got Donked and that happens.


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      Hi PsychoVas! I would not instantly shove here, as the stacks are too deep to do so. The key is with the bet sizes. Preflop, with 2 limpers, I'm going to make a standard raise, which for this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. Due to this, I'll raise to 5400. I have to add 1BB for each limper, or each opp that calls makes it easier for any opp after them to call, as the bet is too small of a % of the pot. The flop brings and underpair and the opps check to me. I can either check and see the turn for free or to make a c-bet. In most cases I'll make a std c-bet, so I'll bet 1/2 pot (8663). I do not want to shove the flop here, as it's way too large of a bet compared to the size of the pot. All that a bet of this size will do is to fold out all the worse hands and only have me get called by something that beats me... I'll get value-owned. The keys to this hand are that the preflop raise is too small (so it prices in opps to draw), then too big of a flop bet, so that only a hand that beats me calls. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        If there is one thing I have learned at all, it is:- Never open shove into a paired flop, unless you are holding the nuts and you are confident that you will be called. umbup:
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          It was also a big overshove.I just dont like these plays ...
          Gl mate



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