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0.55$ MTT, AKo, around level 6

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  • 0.55$ MTT, AKo, around level 6

    Hello. This is the hand : What was the right action ? Bet bigger on flop, perhaps shove ? Check / fold the turn ? Something else ? Thanks

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    Hi unnamedone12,

    Horrible turn card here.

    I like the bet pre and on the flop, i think the sizing is quite large. Preflop it's 5x so 3+1 for each limper. But 400 is quite a bit here. Generally if I'm at at level where I would consider reducing my open raise size anyway to 2.5 which I probably would at 40/80 I might drop 40 off here and open to 360. (Thats really niether here or there)

    The on the flop I like betting absoultely. And I like betting more than my usual 60% cbet also given we flopped well have a bloated pot and the two clubs out there. I would have thought 850-900. Pot sized is still good if you think these guys are cally.

    Reason I mention both these things is because these two decisions have increased the pot size even more, which kind of commits us to this pot. Despite that with 2 callers to a pot sized cbet on the flop I think I would have to slow down here. Probably check fold to a big bet from the bigger stack and check call the smaller stack who doesn't have that much left compared to the size of the pot.

    Betting again big on the turn means we can really never be called by hands that we beat like KQ & KJ. and we always lose the maximum to the flush. Problem with checking means we could face a bet ourselves. If we have passive opponents then it's less likely they will bet without the flush, so in the likelihood they do bet we can fold. If they are more aggro then there's more chance they could be bluffing. But i think with our pot sized flop bet it would be very unlikley for someone to have called to bluff now.

    Good Luck

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          thanks for the reply



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