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KK in UTG late in tourney,

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  • KK in UTG late in tourney,

    This happen in 1$ tourney - late stage. Was playing from my mobile phone all tourney.(stats are from PT4 when I import them from email).
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    VPIP/PFR/3Bet/Fold to CBet F/Hands 17/10/0/67/144
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    I think I'm squirming at that flop and then reluctantly folding to his re-raise on the flop. We could well be ahead at this stage but the possibility of an A, full house or even flush draw I'd rather pick another spot to put my tournament on the line. Another pocket pair in position works well for him like 99 or TT. He's played it well TBF.

    You weren't using a HUD when you played the hand but looking at his stats he seems pretty tight aggressive, picking his starting hands wisely. His fold to 3 bet of 67% suggests he only plays the flop if he hits. That could mean anything from bottom pair, a pair or an A in his hand.

    I'm folding but it's a lot tighter than it seems.
    Bracelet Winner


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      I analyze this hand to.
      And if we put villan to this kind of range: JJ-22,AQs-A2s,KJs-K9s,QTs+,J9s+,T9s,98s,AQo-ATo on flop I have 64,35% and on turn we get that same % - 64.74%.
      On turn came another club, and at that spot I dont have any flod equity(I think). Probably have best hand with backdoor nut flush draw.
      And if I put 17% VPIP in Equilab - range: 66+,A5s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,ATo+,KTo+,QTo+ - on Flop 72,54%, Turn: 73.24%


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        Hey aks,

        I am with Ovalman I think. I feel his flop raise is for value as opposed to a bluff. If he holds QQ / JJ / 10 10 and thinks you are C-betting, he could raise, but I think he would be as afraid of you having an ace (you did raise UTG) and flat with these holdings with the aim of getting to showdown.

        Once you make the call on the flop the money is going in regardless.

        Another thing to factor in is the money jumps - would you be better waiting for a better spot after laddering a few places? If you are aiming for 1st place only, they maybe worth taking the gamble, but I feel we are behind more often than ahead on this flop and would reluctantly muck.




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          Hey akselerons umbup: 26 bb's and Kings utg is always fun! So with 2 callers this board is pretty ugly and I think that checking flop would be better than betting but it's close I can't blame you for doing either one. If we had the ace here then we are going to check that sometimes too so checking here isn't showing weakness by any means. Your bet sizing post flop is biiiiig! I would like to see a smaller bet for sure, half the pot or even betting 40% of the pot gets the same job done as 12,500, and another problem with betting this much is that we are building a huge pot with a hand that we aren't sure about so betting less is going to be best here for pot control reasons. When we get raised it really sucks but I'm going to fold. Villains stats aren't super aggressive. For a $1 MTT player 17/10 is on the tighter side if he's not a reg. When you call his re raise there's now 91k in the pot and we have only 26k behind so it's very likely that we will be playing this hand for our tournament life. As played I would fold to the re raise. It sucks but villain can easily have Ax. What did villain have ? Cheers, Chris,


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            So here are hand with showdown:



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