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can you contemplate trips

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  • can you contemplate trips

    The villian was loose calling station..
    I over bet as i wanted to protect my equity i was thinking with so many callers i would be up against KJ type of hands...
    Last edited by glenn161274; Mon Dec 17, 2012, 10:49 PM. Reason: add more detail
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    First some terminology.

    A set is when you have a pair in your and and one of the same rank on the board as in this case. Trips is when there is a pair on the board and you have the third in your hand.

    Sets are well hidden so you rarely sniff them out without extensive knowledge of your opponent.with a 6x raise and 2 callers plus the effective stack (his) the button is getting about 17:1 implied odds for the call. With three opponents he is much more likely to be paid off, so the call is super standard here.

    Poker happens,

    Good decisions.


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      Hi glenn161274

      Your pre flop raise size is good. The only problem we have here is shipping it on the flop. 4 J 3 is a dry flop and as the pot size is only 500 I would like to see a bet of around half the pot '225 - 300' is a nice amount.

      By shoving our 1300 chip stack into this 500 pot we are scaring away the hands that we want to get called by. If we c bet to say 250 we can keep in small pairs and A4 type of hands but by betting all in we are going to get thee hands to fold most of the time which means we are not getting maximum value out of our hand.

      So c betting flop and calling a shove is the best way to play the hand imo. I assume that this is a micro stake mtt/sng in which case we're not going to be folding our hand especially as starting stacks are just 1500. There are way too many hands that we have crushed into smithereens to contemplate folding.

      Cheers, Chris.



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