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0.25 cent 90 man playing AK

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  • 0.25 cent 90 man playing AK

    should i have just called the river?

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    To answer your question: Yes you should have just called on the river. You were getting a good price to showdown. However I think the way he played the hand was just screeming strength that I would have folded my top pair top kicker on the flop. Usually when players donk bets the flop, they either have a top or mid-pair, two-pair or chasing a draw. I think the raise on the flop is ok, but when he reraises then I know I'm crushed by either two pair or a set and would fold.

    It'll be interesting to hear what the trainers think.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Villain's line is fishy. It's confusing. When I'm confused, I take the low variance line and just call every street. I don't want to value-cut myself.
      So I just station it up on every street, never raising and re-opening the action. A mindonk can indicates huge strength or a very weak hand or draw. If you raise, villain folds the hands you're beating so you don't get value. If he has a monster, then you want to lose the minimum. Just calling 100 on each street minimises your losses and leaves you with a playable stack and a nice new note ("mindonks with set") that will be useful in future. If villain had nothing much, then you were never gonna win a big pot anyway.
      In replaying this hand in your mind, and thinking about your flop and river raises, ask yourself the question: "Does he ever call with worse?"
      If he doesn't call with worse than AK, then don't raise!
      Bracelet Winner


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        Hi a1379,

        The quick answer. Yes I would just call on the river.

        I really like the raise on the flop. The weak lead is normally weak, so just calling gives them a chance to catch up and doesn't build the pot. So reraising the flop is good.

        When they min 3bet. As RFlush says this is a massive sign of strength. If it was bigger I would say fold. But I think we are getting too much of a good price here. Most likely this is a hand like 66, 88, A6 or A8.

        I would probably call the 3bet on the flop but be very very weary of putting any more money in.

        Two more very weak leads on the turn and river. I think it's tempting to reraise the river. But I think we are better off just calling given the action on the flop.

        Good Luck

        Quad Bracelet Winner



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