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Confusing at the turn

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  • Confusing at the turn

    Heey guys,

    I was analyzing some hands today and i would like to ask few things.

    I had pockets 10 UTG and raised 90,everybody folded to the sb,sb is a very loose fish 43/16 and he 3bets to 150.BB folds and it was my turn.I thought,this was really weird like,why would you 3bet less than ? We were pretty deep like 50 BB so i made a call,like without a plan.I still dont know what his 3betting range was...If thought something like AQ+ and mid pairs or something.I dont think he has JJ+ because i think he will raise more than 150.And we were very early in the tournament,so i dont want get to crazy out there.

    He checks and i check.The reason i checked is,he was 3betting pre and checked on the flop.I thought,if i bet 55%-60%,he might check-raised me with a AK or KQ hand to get me out.I thought,pot controlling on the flop might be ok for further streets if the board doenst turn any scary cards.

    Turn card was exactly the card i wanted !! And also he checked again so i didnt think he had a king in his hand.He might has a set if he 3bet pre with 66,77,88,99.He also might slowplayed his hand and waited for my bet,but it's so unlikely i think.
    I raised 180 into 330 around 52% of the pot.I didnt want to build the pot very big if a scary card appears on the river if he called me.Then he check-raised me 360,at that point,I was a little confused.The first thing his 1,5x or something 3bet pre,check/check,check/raise/check raise.First of all,he dont have a draw for sure,does he really have a K or set.I dont know really confused,timebank is on so i didnt think anymore and called.

    I thought **deleted inappropriate language JWK24**,this is such a bad river card for me,he checks and i check behind and that guy had 88.

    Can anyone give me advice how to play this hand better?

    Thanks guys
    Last edited by JWK24; Sat Dec 15, 2012, 12:47 AM. Reason: delete inappropriate language

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    Hi MolaSola,

    I think you've played it well.

    I would absolutely be betting the turn here. And I wouldn't be folding to the 3bet pre of the small check raise. The odds in the pot are too good.

    On the river yeah i think betting for value would be very thin here. So checking back is good.

    Well played

    Quad Bracelet Winner



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