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What's my line here?

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  • What's my line here?

    Both pre and post flop. Having a bit of trouble over it.
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    Not sure if that hand history is clear enough but Villian 8 shoved all in, Villlian 9 folded and the action is back onto me.
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      Hi Ovalman,

      I really don't like the limp preflop and I think if you wanna play it so passively you should be prepared to fold here to a shove when you don't hit your set. If you wouldn't risk them preflop with the best hand why risk them now?

      I think you should make a big raise preflop maybe even a shove. Yes we have 40 BBs which is alot to shove here. But we have 5 limping fishes here, it's probably pretty likely for one or more to call in bad shape. Plus we already have 210 chips in the pot which is almost 20% of our stack. I'm happy with that and the chance someone calls with smaller pairs, 1 over card or even 2 over cards and we get it in in good shape.


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        His shove smelt like a top pair top kicker, an over pair like 99 or possibly a set but I folded and so did everyone else without a showdown.

        I know my limp pre caused me so many troubles but with so many others in the pot, if I pot raise I'm going to get at least 1 or 2 callers, maybe even a re-shove from a hand like JJ. I'm out of position after this and the flop invariably brings an overcard so I don't know where I stand in the hand.

        I played it to set mine, should I just limp/ fold after the flop? Should I call down to the river? Check raise?

        You can maybe see why I'm having a bit of trouble in spots like this.
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          I don't like a shove here as I'm coinflipping at best to a call and I think we're too deep to be going broke with TT at this stage of the tourney BTW.
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