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NL Turbo50: QQ flop 93K

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  • NL Turbo50: QQ flop 93K

    First time posting a hand and now that I know what info would be helpful, I will definitely work on getting stats. But for now I'm gonna say: Villian is unknown for stats, all I can say is when he played a hand, he went big with his bets and pushed folds successfully. Until..... I should have definitely played this a bit more aggressive, I'm working on it lol. I figured with his bet after the flop that he was bluffing, did worry in the end but called win the hand against his big bluff. My question is: having QQ and seeing the King on the flop, should I have made a cbet without knowing if he had good cards or not. I think in this case he probably would have called anyway or even raised my cbet. He had nothing, but if I was up against someone with a king, it would have played differently and placing a cbet would only put me with less chips. What should I have done here? Remember this is my first time posting this, I hope I'm doing this right...the preview wouldn't show me the hand replayer so I'm not sure if I did it right or not lol. Well here I go, hitting the submit button

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    Yeah!! It worked!!! lolumbup:


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      Yes, lead out on the flop and represent the K. It will cost you chips but also save you chips in further streets.

      If you're unwilling to let QQ go then you've got to represent the K with your betting. A check raise would work here but you haven't a stack to fold if he re-shoves.

      My line would be raise pre to 300 or 360 (opponent dependent) and then shove pre flop to his raise. If he flat calls our raise then I'm leading out by about 500 chips on that flop or roughly 2/3rds of whatever's in the middle.

      If he re-shoves as a bluff then I have a decision. If he's a maniac then I would err on the call but it's not an easy decision.
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        Thx Ovalman appreciate the advice


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          ***Moved to appropriate forum***
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            Hi Leanan-sidhe! With QQ in the SB, when it folds to me, I try to treat this type of situation as if I'm playing HU. I'll play top 20% hands and always raise to 3BB, so here with QQ, I'll raise to 360. The opp now raises to 600 and here is where I need to make my decision in the hand. Since the read on the opp is that they like to make larger bets and was doing it what seems like often, I'm going to re-raise with a premium hand here. Normally, my raise would be to 3X the opp's bet, but since that is the overwhelming majority of my stack, I'm going to 4-bet shove here preflop. If the opp has an A or K, I want to make them put their chips in while they're behind and before they see a card that can beat me. Yes, every great once in a while the opp could have AA or KK here (happened to me live two weeks ago where I ran QQ into AA from the SB), but any other situation, I'm getting my chips in good. Also, if the opp would happen to fold preflop, I just added 50% to my stack without a fight. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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              Thanks John, it helps a great deal. Learning strategy is one thing, finding out the theory behind them is even better. umbup:



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