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$0.55 Turbo NLHE - Float Attempt

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  • $0.55 Turbo NLHE - Float Attempt

    Here's an interesting hand. I didn't have an excellent read on the opponent, but the limp made them seem weak, so I raised in position. However, although I was originally going to check-fold after that flop, I sensed MAJOR weakness from the villain's donk-bet of the minimum. So I decided to float there with the intention of bluffing if the next card made the flush. Which I did on the next card. Did I make a right decision to float and bluff here, or do you think I should have just folded? Remember, it was a turbo tournament.
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    Hi Chris,

    With a 21bb stack and a weak limper, I would actually prefer to just shove A8s on the button here. We have a ton of fold equity, and have a hand strength that is probably at the top of the limpers range so we should get a lot of folds from him and called off by a range of hands that might be like weaker aces, KQ/KJ, and small pairs. Given the fairly large # of times I expect us to take down the blinds, antes, and limp without a fight, plus our equity vs. the limpers calling range, this seems like the best option tbh. A good calculated risk to try and accumulate some chips leveraing fold equity, and we need to find those spots in MTT's (and especially in turbos where our stack will become much shorter rather quickly).

    As played I don't really like your float play. The money's not deep enough for this and it's possible his weak lead is on a draw, which means you could actually be representing the hand he has now. If you're going to attack his weak lead, do it on the flop... if you actually held an overpair you would raise this bet right? So raise it. But I think you could have ended this hand favorably and probably more +EV preflop.
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