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$1.10 MTT Exit Hand 5

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  • $1.10 MTT Exit Hand 5

    Same cards, different situation, same outcome. I had been short earlier in this tournament until I doubled up+ my stack with pocket aces to get back above the 10BB level, a stack of about 4,700 at the 250BB. But with no cards, and facing lots of action, the big blinds raising to 300 and now 400 I had got very short again. I have AQo in the small blind but I am not happy about the raise ahead as they had been both tight and passive, though I did not have many hands on them. They were playing less than 10% of hands and I had not seen them make a preflop raise yet so this fairly standard 2.5x raise for 20% of their stack could be very strong, but I can't be sure. I may have a little fold equity as the extra 1795 I have to shove is a large part of their remaining stack, so although they will have a good price I suppose they might fold medium pairs, but I expect a call often. I felt my hand was too strong to fold given my stack size below 10BB and although I don't have any stats for their 'fold to 3-bet preflop %' I just got it in. With predictably familiar results. Any thoughts welcome. Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    Hi Ed,

    Yes, in this situation, this short I would probably be looking to get it allin with AQo.

    With the blinds and antes we need more than 43% equity.

    Vs a shove I think absolutely we would be getting this price.

    Vs the 2.5x raise from a 10BB stack. It depends how we think it affects his range. From a guy that has been making alot of 10BB shoves it makes it stronger and we might get away here. Vs a guy thats been 2.5x'ing all the time obviously we can treat it the same as a shove and actually add in some fold equity as you say.

    Without seeing him open already, my default read on a tight passive player at $1.10 level would be that they won't be a 10BB shover so I think a 3bet shove is good.

    I don't think there's enough evidence to say this guy range consists of KK+. He just happened to have it this time.


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      Thanks Andy, With more hands I might have had better reads - I had a feeling that they could easily have something like KK/AA as they had been so passive for the 3 orbits or so we were at the same table, but I had to put their range wider than AA/KK/AK and felt I had to go with this hand. Cheers umbup: Ed
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