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    Sorry its a boom hand, cant seem to find the hand info to put it in the player.

    Villain is loose/Passive.

    What i generally wanna know is, is this a good call in the long run in that spot?


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    At those stakes in that sit n go I would call at that price every time. You are getting almost 5 to 1 on a call meaning you only have to be right just over 1 in 5 times for it to be a profitable call. If on the other hand he had bet over half the pot then it is a lot trickier of a call and I would probably fold and look for a better spot, but with him betting a quarter of the pot he is really apllying very little pressure and so you can call very easily

    In this situation its just a badly timed bluff badly sized by an inexperienced player.

    Nice hand


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      There was only 1 street of post flop betting, so by the river it is possible even a somewhat passive opp might be willing to bet thin value into your QQ.

      In this spot you are getting 4.9 to 1 to call. You need to win only about 20.4% of the time to break even.

      If you lose you are still left with almost a 38BB still, which is plenty big to recoup.

      Altogether, this is a pretty easiy call, Sometimes you WILL find the passive opp is going to have rivered the flush, and you will lose an extra 400, but I'd rather lose that extra 400 than lose out on a chance to take down the 1900+ pot I'd be giving up by folding here too often!

      Call all day.
      Double Bracelet Winner


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        Hi Adsthepro,

        I think I agree with the two earlier posts. I think we are getting enough odds to call here.

        It possible for villan to be betting a J or 9 i think since we've given up. Probably also some pocket pairs that people get sticky to. And of course the old river bluff is not out of the question.

        We could well be shown a flush quite often but it's a small price to pay.

        I would also look earlier in the hand. I think I would like a bet on the turn. To protect against a flush draw or even losing action on the river vs worse hand if the flush card does come.

        He could have a K in his hand or QT, but he has checked it which means he has lots of other hands that haven't improved as well.

        When we have a strong hand like this and take a passive line we should definately expect to call a bet, especially one this small.


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