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What do you think about these hands

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  • What do you think about these hands

    Were these just "bad luck" situations, or did I play poorly? Please let me know your thoughts

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      another This one really hurt, because it was at a regional tournament, 27 places paid, with it I ended 28th. I didn't shove pre-flop, because at this particular table, a lot of people played loose and I was cautious, didn't want a caller with A2 or A3 to flop an Ace and end my tourney life,so close to the bubble. After flop, with no Ace on the board, I thought it's time for my move. I think I wouldn't call in my opponent's place but he did. Well? What do you think? Is this a "bad beat" or a poor play on my side?


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        Hi PsychoVas,

        Ouch alot of bad beats here.

        I can't read too much into each situation with the style of the tourney and any reads you have.

        AQ hand. 6x is a big raise, the jam on the flop looks pretty fishy, I think you're fine calling off here.

        AA hand. I like reopening the betting rather than flat calling. You could have made it a little smaller i think. But 2400 is fine also.

        KJo hand. I think you should open it if you ant to play it rather than limp. It's a big bet on the flop with only middle pair, I wouldn't mind just folding here, although unlikley villian has an Ace. nut flush draw semi bluff is good after he checks.

        KK hand. You actually get more protection moving allin preflop i think and making him fold most of his weak Aces. If he calls with a A then you are still in great shape to win and doubling up gives you a better shot at big money rather than a min cash. Only time I might call behind to see flop would be a satellite where the min cash is the same as a win. But then depending on stacks you might just fold KK preflop.

        In terms of the run bad. Don't worry one day you'll be on the other end


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          Thanks a lot Andy. Very helpful analysis



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