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PSO Premier league,KK

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  • PSO Premier league,KK

    when i lose hands like this i feel like why i am even playing poker. These kinds of beats are getting hard to digest. Please anyone can tell me where did i go wrong here.

    If i might have done all in on pre flop i would have got nothing and my good pockets had been wasted. So how to play this hand ?

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    Hello Navdeep. The way the hand played out you were unfortunate, you got your money in on the flop as a 93% favourite and he hit one of his two outs, it happens.

    However, firstly you started the hand with less than 10 big blinds so going all in before the flop in that situation is a MUST. Don't think of it as 'wasting' a premium hand. Its thinking that way that will cost you, even if everyone had folded you would still have picked up the big blind and the two limpers and increased your stack by 40%.

    Lets say you had had more blinds, your raise size pre flop to 360 over two limpers in for 160 is far FAR to small. They are going to call that raise in a heart beat, they have to . You want to raise to 3x the big blind plus 1 for every limper. So the correct size would have been 800, seeing as you had less than this on top of the 800 the right play would have been all in.

    In this instance the 6 6 may well have called you regardless and so you were just destined to get unlucky but follow this advice and you may find it benefits you in the long run. Hope this helped.


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      Thanks for the reply herbalerv.
      I got the point. I follow the same thing ..raise 3X and add 1x for every limper.


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        Well in that hand you raised just over which just doesn't work.I get that you had a big hand, are in desperate need of a double up and don't want to scare the action away but that play will hurt you in the long run, pricing in suited connectors who could EASILY out flop you


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          Antes have kicked in and the big blind is 160. You have started the hand with about 1000 chips, which is less than 10 big blinds. You should be open shoving a wide range of hands. When there's a limp and a call already, I'm licking my lips in this hand. All that dead money makes this the easiest pre-flop shove in the world. (I'm also shoving hands like KJs, AT+, 66+).
          You actually WANT to get called by worse (and often will, seeing as KK is the 2nd best starting hand in poker, and stacks are short). If villain sucks out, that's poker!

          If the stacks had been deeper then a standard raise would make more sense, but with less than 10bb, you have to shove.
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            Hi Navdeep_leo! I'm going to assume that this was from the beginning of this month. If not and it was at the end of a month, when point penalties for early exits is much more severe, then I'd look at the hand differently, as I'd need to me much more conservative. The reason for this is that instead of just possibly losing tourney chips, I could be losing real $$ from the monthly leaderboard payouts. I've got KK and have two limpers. I'm going to make my standard raise, which for this blind level is to 3BB+1BB for each limper. HOWEVER, a raise to 5BB here would be almost all of my stack, so when it gets to me, I'm shoving here preflop. I start with 3BB+1Bb for each limper, then lower it to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper at 100/200 blinds, then lower to 2.2BB+1BB for each limper at 1k/2k blinds. I don't want to raise less than this, especially with premium hands, as I will be giving the opps the correct pot odds to try and outdraw me... something that I do not want to do, especially out of position. Unfortunately the opp hit a 2-outer on the turn, but what I wouldn't want to do with KK here is to let someone that stayed in the hand with a 2 to see that they flopped trips and beat me without paying the maximum to do so. If I give them the correct odds to stay with a 2 and get outflopped by them, it would be my own fault for not pricing them out by raising too little. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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              Look at this ... whose really trapped..Was so happy after seeing the flop..and thought my whole work is done.. Is there anyone who might have folded on second 2500 raise ?



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