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did i do something worng?

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  • did i do something worng?

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    Pre-flop looks good to me. I like the slowplay on the super-dry flop, as you flopped a huge hand that isn't going to get action very often, but I guess you could c-bet small and get looked up by a pocket pair or ace high. After the flop goes check-check, I'd lead the turn, because your hand is under-repped, so should get called by worse, yet crushes every pocket pair. You want to build a pot worth winning. Even random ace highs might call. Check-raising there is fine too, but just calling means you aren't likely to get maximum value. Villain has made a bet, so he has some sort of hand. If you raise, he'll pay you off. Finally leading on the river is good, but you kind of need villain to have AA-TT if you want to win a stack. If he has a random 3, you're going broke.
    FWIW, I'm going broke here almost 100% of the time, unless villain has shown himself to be super loose (calling raises with total junk) and never raising unless he has the nuts.
    In short, you didn't really do anything wrong, in my opinion. You flopped the 2nd nuts, and villain hit a 1-outer.
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      Preflop: I like the 4 x raise. Nothing wrong. Two callers kinda stinks but oh well.

      Flop: I'm not a fan of the check. Monsters like this are what we need to extract value from. Checking doesn't do that for you. You deny the opponents the chance to call with worse, meaning a smaller pot on the turn and the river. Plus - you were the pre-flop aggressor, a continuation bet is expected of you, so they won't immediately put you on monsters. I'd definitely bet about 120-150 here. If they fold, too bad, at least I gave myself every chance to maximize value.

      Turn: Again, I don't like the check. The 3 is actually good for our hand as it strongly decreases the odds that our hand improved, which means others are more likely to cann a bet. They're never putting us on a three, meaning an ace is probable to call you. As it is, you check and the next guy bets. Given the situation, I'm inclined to make a call here as well. Check-raising here might make him fold.

      River: You gave away the betting lead on the turn, and now donk into him on the river. If I was the opponent, I'd be mighty confused now. I would have checked, giving him the chance to bet again. When he raises, the first part of me is thinking 'why is het not shoving on me' and the second part is thinking 'could he possible be holding a 3 here'?

      In the end, I doubt there's anything you coulda done to avoid doubling him up. If he's willing to defend his Big Blind with 10,3 off in level 1 of the tourny, there's nothing you could have done to change the outcome. The guy's a maniac, and they get lucky from time to time. It also strengthens what I said: against someone defending his blind this loose, you wanna build a pot when you have a monster like a flopped boat...

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        Hey rudar47

        Preflop is fine I wouldn't have raised any more or any less.
        Now this is an awkward spot because it is the type of board texture that we are expected to c bet close to 100% of the time so when we decide to check it should ring alarm bells if any good players are in the hand so against good players I would like a c bet.

        Against weak players I don't mind checking. Weak players are not skilled enough to realize that you 'should' be c betting this flop with almost your entire range, instead they will see it as weakness most of the time so I don't mind your check although I would prefer to c bet a little bit shy of half the pot to induce them to bluff raise us or float us.

        We must bet the turn, at this stage we need to build the pot and hope that the villains call us with a medium pair or some A high hands. I would like to see us check raise villains bet so that we can increase the size of the pot.

        Our river bet is good and we can never get away from this hand, if villain has the 3 then he has the 3, it's one of those moments where you kind of want to vomit So bet /reraising him all in is fine.

        I feel that too many players 'especially inexperienced players in general' slow play there hands way too much of the time. I can see reason here to slow play but as a whole a lot of poker players slow play too often and would earn a lot more chips by fast playing there hands.

        Nice hand rudar47 , unlucky! Gl at the tables, Chris.



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