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3 bet shove or how I played it?

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  • 3 bet shove or how I played it?

    Maybe a hand to vent off steam but this is the MM Main Event. I'm looking a spot to get my chips in. Villian UTG was my main worry, he had stats of 21% VPiP and 17% PFR which is pretty tight aggressive. Villian in cut of was 38% and 25% but only over a small sample of hands. I guessed I was ahead of his range range pre and post flop. Should I squeeze here?
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    Hi Ovalman umbup: I would be shoving here, as you say looking for a good spot to get the 12bb in, I think this is one. The UTG is definitely a worry but I wouldn't consider 21/17 TAG for a FR tournament (alhtough definitely not "LAG", somewhere in between), I think he would be raising AT and KQs with those stats, and also has a decent stack that he was possibly bullying with. And yeah you have the CO range crushed so I wouldn't be worried about him preflop. With that flop its a no brainer, just unlucky to run into the set And btw having everyone fold would be a good outcome, a nice boost to your stack
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      just unlucky i think
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        Hi Ovalman! With 12BB, with a min-raise and a call, I want to be shoving or folding here. I don't want to have to call, then fold (lose 1/6th my stack) and I don't want to let the opps see a card that could beat me. To see if I should shove, I'll go to pokerstove and look at my hand equities against the opps ranges. If I end up only against UTG (17% hand), my AQo has 57.1% equity, which is plenty to call since I'm the favorite. If I end up against the CO only, with them playing a wider range, then I'm an even higher favorite. If both stay, my AQo is worth 39.4%. But, if both stay, then my pot equity will be below 33% due to the chips already in the pot.. so this is a positive play too. Since every situation is a +EV play, I'm going to shove my AQo preflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          The money bubble was creeping up and I suppose I wanted some fold equity if I missed the flop. I was worried about AKo to tell the truth but in hindsight it was a scared money play rather than good aggressive poker.

          Yesterday was an AHA day for me. I learned so much and I gained several nuggets of information. I cashed in the Pokercast game and gained another $50 bonus to work through which offsets the $22 buy in.

          Many thanks for the replies.
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