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Micro Millions Main Event

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  • Micro Millions Main Event

    New table so no reads on this table, my first table was terrible players shoving AKd 500 BB's deep and losing lots of chips with A8o on flush and straight board textures, so I did not adjust to the new table as I should I was just used to the terrible play at my first table. The original raiser is from Romania and the 3bettor from Greece, should I 4bet with AKc ? On the turn should I check or bet again, I think a bet commits me to the pot, but the board looks draw heavy and I want to charge the player to draw on my first table players were stacking off light, but the villain could have set or KQ ?

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    I would have checked the flop! n fold to any aggression. Pre flop call


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      Ak oop

      hi, i think if i play the hand i 4 bet the AK.. i raise to 2200 committing 20% of my chips to the pot,if you flat call you price the original raiser in the pot, and you dont know how strong his hand is.......also you then run the risk of playing a three way hand out of could have folded preflop(you still have 50BBS).. but by simply calling the Villain 1... you now are unsure of where you are with the hand...because you did not 4 bet pre it has opened other posibilities of 44, 55 ,Diamond Flush draw,KQ and you are unsure what to do....

      i still think im ahead at this point BTW.... if he has KQ... i bet here and he will shove.....

      I think your intial OOP flat call has caused the problems.....

      hope this helps..

      good luck at the tables..

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        Hey 73Rex73

        Interesting spot for sure. With NO READS whatsoever I would be inclined to just fold the hand. It's close and I may come across as a nit for this, but with no reads vs an early position raise and a 3bet we can fold AKs no problem.

        If we do decide to play the hand the I prefer 3betting rather than just calling, I like a 3bet of around 2,6k When we cold call a 3bet from the sb our hand range is pretty polarized to JJ+ AK+ and if we are up against competent opponents then they will know this.

        As played I think that leading out is ok but the board is pretty dry so I would expect one of the original raisers to cbet this board a very high percentage of the time which is why I like checking.

        This is a as good as a flop as we could of wished for pre flop so now that we have nailed it there's no way were going to be folding especially once the preflop 3bettor folds to our bet.

        I feel like villains most likely holding here is AA or a set. KQ is possible but it's quite unlikely.

        Cheers, Chris.


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          Thanks for the replies.

          I never thought about folding, the original raiser did have a set.



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