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Micro Millions event 64 Too Tight ??

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  • Micro Millions event 64 Too Tight ??

    This hand is from MM 64. I don't have any reads as I normally play while having more than a couple of Ales and watching TV. I base most of my decisions on Position, Starting stack, BB left and risk of ruin (Thanks to Annie Duke) Do yo think the Buttons has me crushed?

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    Hey chukkky umbup: 'nice avatar' ! Interesting hand we have on our hands here. I definitely like your decision to lead out on the flop, I feel as if 600 is ok maybe a little more 'say half pot or just over half pot would be optimal' as we are 4 handed and there are a lot of draws about but 600 is ok imo. So villain 5 and villain 7 both call, I think your check is an interesting way to play the hand. I feel as if an Ace is well in both of our opponents hands, they could definitely be peeling our small flop bet with Ax hands including A2,A3 and A6 which have now made 2 pair. I also feel like sets are in there range but it's quite unlikely as I would expect either one of them to play the hand quicker than they have decided to on such a draw heavy flop, so I'm not totally excluding set's but I feel that it's quite unlikely so I'm narrowing there range down to all Ax hands which could now have made a better 2 pair than us and of course 1 pair Ax hands and Adxd that villain 7 has decided to play aggressively. With NO reads at all I'm going to fold the hand as we have only invested 2 bb's of our stack and the chances that we are ahead and will actually stay ahead by the time we see a river card aren't that great. Villain could have Adxd which we are only a small favourite against and as well as all the other 2 pair combos we can just fold the hand and wait for a much better spot. Nice hand, cheers, Chris.
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      Hey Chukkky, scary avatar, you must be a maniac

      If you don't really pay attention you could be costing yourself a lot of value. You should try out some tracking software as it contains a HUD which will give you a lot of information that you might miss. Both Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker offer 30 day trials so that's 2 months free use of a HUD.

      As poker is a game of information then I'd look for all the info I can get my hands on.

      In reply to Chewme's analysis, I'd lead out a lot stronger on this flop, possibly pot raising. With 3 limpers I think a pot raise or just under will show us where we really stand in the hand. 600 looks a bit of a drawy bet, ie. betting into a flush or straight draw or a middle pair. It may cost us more chips but I think we can gain more information on our opponents hands strengths.
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        Thanks for the comments chewme1 and Ovalman, I think I agree my that my lead out was a little week, but my plan was to check raise the turn but then when the fireworks happened I decide I to just give up as it looks stronger than just a 1 pair type hand and thats all I could beat and I could be drawing dead. As for my Avatar, Thanks but I think it might make others remember me too easy, As for being a maniac your probably right. But I think I am also LAG TAG and a NIT sometimes. As for getting a HUD, I have already used up both my free trials, so I have to pay up now if I want it. I have considered it lately. Thanks Again.umbup:


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          If you use a proper uninstaller like Revo, you might get another try at them. I can't remember if it works with HEM but it's worth a try. I think it's money well spent though, especially when multi tabling and you can't take all the information in.
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