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Correct betting play? AsQs raise

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  • Correct betting play? AsQs raise

    Hi all, If I could get some analysis on if I played this hand correctly I would be most appreciative. The villain in question was giving a persona of loose aggressive, which influenced my play on this hand. Its the 3rd hand or so in a 18 player MTT. Many thanks.

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    Hey JCMFX

    I like your decision to 3bet this hand although I would like to see larger bet sizing, with one caller a min raise and a flat caller our 3 bet sizing from the big blind position ought to be around 3x the amount of the original raiser (120) and an extra bb for each caller, 120+2bb=160.

    The ideal scenario here is to get folds, or 1 or 2 callers. So by making it just 120 to go I am pretty certain that the utg limper might come along which will induce the original min raiser to come along and it will also induce the last caler to come along, which isn't what we want as most of the time we are going to miss the flop.

    Post flop...... nice board for our hand! There is a potential flush draw out there and one of our opponents could indeed have Ax which they will not be folding, so I like a decent bet size on the flop, around 2/3rd's of the pot size will do just fine, I feel that betting 360 into a 390 pot we are only going to get Ax hands to come along with us, where as if we bet smaller we can get some calls from medium pocket pairs and maybe hands like 78s.

    Turn card is yucky for us as it completes a flush but as we bet so much on the flop.... the pot is now bloated which means there is only slightly more money in the pot than there is in our stack which will make it very difficult to get away from our hand. So in this spot on the turn I think shoving all in or betting an amount which commits us to the pot is fine.

    Unfortunate river card for us!!!

    I think overall we need to look at our bet sizing, you seem to bet to small pre flop and too much post flop. In this situation here it doesn't matter so much, but in other situations we could definitely be losing out on a lot of chips.... and losing a lot of chips if we continue to bet so heavily post flop.

    Cheers, Chris.



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