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  • interesting spot

    premier skill league got involved in this hand villian 3 is very LAG playing almost 70% of hands so i decided to flat call in posistion with a deep enough stack to set mine check folding the flop if no improvements made and we get villian 6 joining the action flop top set not to scared of this board maybe 10 9 8 9 for villain 6 put villian 3 on AJo/s pairs 5 through kings the villian c bet 100% and give up the turn if they didnt have out but coming with another very strong bet i put them on KK AA straight away was a little scared off JJ took a while to decide villian 6 said in chat he had 1010 after the hand what do you think did i play this fine or should i have played it different thanks

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    Hey Stedds umbup: Calling to set mine with our 77 is the best option here especially against this player type that is likely to pay us off if we hit. We opt to just 'call' villains c-bet which is perfect, we still have a player behind us to act so we don't want to scare him away, and we don't want to scare away the aggressive original raiser either so calling is great and I prefer it to raising. When villain bet's 3000 into a pot 2700 on the turn with 2 player's left to act it's quite clear that he doesn't intend on folding his hand so the argument here would be to shove all in or just call. The way we earn the most money here would be to just call, the only hand we are scared of is a set of jacks. There are no draw's out there, 9 10 might peel on the flop but that's it. As there's no draws on the flops our opponents range is polarized to overpairs,sets,Jx and middle pocket pairs. We want a pair of 10's or 9's or Jx to think there good and by just calling the 3000 turn bet we could get them hand's to think there good sometimes but if we shove all in they are more likely to fold, which of course is not what we want. Shoving the turn isn't a big mistake by any stretch of the imagination, but calling is WAY better Cheers, Chris.


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      cheers mate was going to flat call but wasnt much more so i just shoved it all in not really thinking about the opponant behind lucky for me he was folding anyway was saying in chat after the hand



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