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Weekly Round 2 - AA early tournament bust-out; Could I have played this better?

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  • Weekly Round 2 - AA early tournament bust-out; Could I have played this better?

    This was about the 10th hand, and still in the first blind level. I had recently doubled up with a set a few hands ago. Villain_4 was a strange aggressive player. He saw a lot of flops without raising, and tended to get overly aggressive at the turn or river. An example was when he shoved on a 3-4-5-6-7 board, 3 cards to a flush, with 40 in the pot on the second hand. But that's beside the point. In this hand, where he turns trips against me pocket Aces, should I have seen this coming? Could I have played this hand better? Or was I stuck in the first place?
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    I wouldn't play quite this standard preflop in a WR2 - (so loose and so many bad players) - with pocket aces in position and lots of limpers I would definitely start with a big overbet - maybe to 300/400 or so preflop - (if there were any raises before I would probably shove) - and if I thought there were any potential callers I would shove even without a raise.

    As played I would definitely follow up with betting to the checks on the flop and turn - but only check or maybe call a small bet on the river - not raise to a check or reraise a bet to open the betting - as any player with Kx or 6x is never folding in these.

    They are not usually bluffing by check/raising the river - so they really should have something - and anything they have other than maybe a random middle pair maybe 99/TT is beating us, or they might be expecting to have got at worst a chop with a bigger Kx that was scaring them off on the flop/turn.

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      Hi Christxof! With AA, even with this being a freeroll, I'm still going to make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, however, if I think that the opps may call more, I would have no problem making it a bit larger. The one thing that I will do too, is that if anyone 3-bets my std raise, I absolutely will 4-bet shove with AA here. Getting to see the flop HU and in position is a bonus. The flop however IS coordinated, with possible straight and flush draws, so when the opp checks to me, I need to make a large enough bet that prices out every combination of cards that I'm ahead of. My bet here will be 1/2 pot (2/3's pot if I think the opp would call it). This guarantees that every hand I'm ahead of has the wrong odds to draw. The turn makes the board worse for me, as it pairs a K and the opp checks again. I need to make the same type of bet here and will make the bet the same % of the pot that I used on the flop (if I make the larger % bet on the flop, I need to follow it up on the turn... as I don't want to make the turn bet smaller than the flop, as it will look to my opp that I'm scared of the K and give them an opportunity to bluff as though they have a K). The river brings a second pair and the opp checks again. If they have a K or 6, I'm sunk here, so I can look at it two ways, based on a read of the opp. If the opp has shown aggression in the past (especially on the river), then I'll check it down and go to showdown. If the opp has always been passive, then I may try a thin-value bet of about 1/3 pot and then fold to a raise (a passive opp that raises almost always has the made hand). Since the opp has shown aggression before, I'm checking down the river. It may cost me a couple hundred chips in value, but if I'm unlucky, I still have a playable stack in the tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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