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$1.50 9-man SnG, AKo, flopped TPTK, call or folk re-raise all in

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  • $1.50 9-man SnG, AKo, flopped TPTK, call or folk re-raise all in

    Hi! So this is a hand I played where I, as the pre-flop aggressor, flopped TPTK on a board with both a potential straight draw and flush draw and my opponent raises all in after I bet for value. It is in the early stages of a $1.50 9-man Sit'n'Go, so it is hard to have a good read on my opponents, and I wasn't using a HuD, but my notes on Villain_3 so far were that: - He bet all-in pre-flop from middle position with A4o in one of the first hands, with an average stack - He calls pre flop with a lot of hands My first thought was that this was a bluff where he wanted to win the pot then and there, and that he could hold a flush draw or straight draw to fall back on if he was called, and if this is the case I think calling is okay. I also think he could hold 66 or 88, in which case I should absolutely fold. Am I ahead often enough here that it is worth making the call? Also considering SNG strategy, would it be wise to fold here even if I'm ahead most of the time? I would also know if my bet sizes are correct. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Mr.Anand

    Thanks for your post and welcome to POkerSchoolOnLine. Im sure you know, but we have some great features available for members so i have put in this link to help you find your way around.

    One of the hand analysers will take a look at your replayer hands.

    Again, welcome and good luck at the tables.


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      Hey Mr.Anand

      I like your bet sizing pre flop it's perfect, 80 - 120 is optimal here so good job.

      This is a fantastic flop for us not only because we have flopped top pair top kicker but it's a board texture that is likely to get action from our opponent a lot of the time. Villain will have hit this flop a lot of the time with his suited connectors and Kx hands.

      Your bet sizing on the flop is great, I personally would of made it a little less... say 150 but that's just me, you played this hand excellently imo.

      So when villain shoves on us this is a high five snap call, especially given this type of opponent 'loose, likes to shove all in in the early stages of a sng with A4o'

      We can never fold this spot, ever. We are extremely likely to be crushing our opponent right now.

      I don't promote risking all of our chips in the early stages of a sng, but this is a spot we must take advantage off.

      Hope this helps, cheers, Chris.


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        hey Mr.Anand

        snap call if he have a set so be it nothing we can do



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