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    Again, a $1.50 9 man SnG Pretty early on, in the BB, and when the SB completes when it's folded to him, I smell something. So I put in a raise to 3.5 x. He calls, which is not entirely what I expected, but oh well. Unless he has a small pair and is out setmining I'good. Flop brings babycards and a gutshot with two diamonds. He donks into me, which makes me frown. No reads on this guy, so there's a chance he hit the flop, or is betting his small pair. I'm not really in the mood for throwing chips away, but still decide to go for a call and re-evaluate on the turn. Turn completes the gutshot wghich makes me 100% sure I'm good unless he was playing a 5,6 suited. Which I doubt. Again he bets, and I decide to just call instead of raise. There's not a whole lot of rivercards that are gonna scare me, and he might just lead again on the river. The river's a 6. Not exactly a fun card, since a lone 5 now splits the pot. Then again, what 5 could he be playing with.... On the other side, it completes a flush draw. He bets again, really small. I mjust confess that only now reviewing the hand I notice how small the bet actually is - only 1/6 of the pot. So I now have to choices: * call * raise Raising is pretty much a no go. The only hand that will call me is a big flush which I can't beat. I doubt he'd call with say 2 pair or a set on this board. Then again, people do crazy stuff here. Folding is out of the question. Sure, he could have flopped a flush draw, but I'm getting 6 to 1 here, so I only have to be right about my call 1 out of every 6 times. And I don't see him hitting a flush that often. Good thinking or bad thinking (all over the hand)?
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    Hi Ov3rsight,

    Not sure what you mean by smell something when the player limps. If it's weakness we smell raising the limper is good. If we smell something other than weakness then a check to see the flop is probably best.

    On the flop when he donks I don't think a passive player that limps preflop will be doing that much without hitting the board somehow. Our best case scenario is a flush draw, even then with no hand ourselves yet the flush draw with 2 live cards is probably favorite.

    We're looking for only 7 outs to improve our hand on the turn. a diamond could likely just lose us more chips chasing the river. I would just be folding to the donk bet here.

    We do hit our nut card on the turn. Opponent leads again. I think we should reraise here. Once our opponent leads twice he has to have hit something or be commited enough to chase a flush on the river which is good for us.

    On the river I would call. I think he most likely hit the flop and will be behind a straight.


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      hey over,

      I would simply flat because if you raise you will only be called by hands that beat you and that's best part of having position. You have the last option in the hand.

      Folding is not an option because he's bet is too small

      good luck



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