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flat call or 3bet

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  • flat call or 3bet

    this a $4.40 8 max 1000 cap just want to know if i should of played this different i have been playing with my game a little floating or calling instead of 3 betting every time i get a hand villian 2 4 6 are very LAG players villian im involved in the hand with is raising nearly every hand so i decided just to flat call on the button in posistion knowing im more than likely well ahead of his range and can get paid off if i hit a set or he hits middle or bottom pair so just your thoughts on this thanks

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    Hi stedds! The key for me in this hand is actually the turn, not preflop. With 99 preflop, especially against a LAG, my stack is deep enough to setmine, so I'll gladly call their 489 bet preflop. Maybe I can get lucky and have one or both of the blinds come along too. I flop middle set and what will determine whether I should raise or not here is... what price is the opp getting to try to draw to beat me? I want to make sure that they are making a -EV play every street when I'm ahead in a hand. If I call the 689, then the opp has put 689 into a pot of 2975 (23.2%). If there are no hand combinations with a draw that have this much equity, then I'll call. If there are, then I need to raise. With this board, at best, there can be a gutshot straight draw, which is 4 outs or 8%. Due to this, the opp priced themselves out for drawing.. so I'm happy to call here. The turn is what should be a blank and the opp checks. The only time that I want to give someone a free card when I'm ahead is if there is not a single card in the deck that can beat me... which is NOT the case here. There are a number of gutshot straights available and I need to make a large enough bet to price these out. Due to this, I'm going to make my standard value bet of 1/2 pot here. I need to make sure that the opp gets the wrong odds to draw and I also do not want to cost myself value. The river is a blank unless the opp has A4 or 46 and with making a turn bet... it's very easy now for me to get it all in on the river. If the opp has one of these two combos, they will have made bad plays by betting or calling every street, which is all that I can do when I'm playing. Make the opp make a -EV play each and every street. They will win a given % of the time, but on average, they will lose chips to me each and every time. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      thanks john much appreciated proves ive got alot to learn still when you think you have played it perfect its usually quite far from it lol think im going to have to study some videos on turn bets and getting maximum value out of my hands etc



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