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why is it always me

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  • why is it always me

    sunday storm about 4000 away from the money maybe 3000 was i right to shove here or was it a bad call from him he was very loose

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    You got your money is as a 4:1 favorite.

    Lesson: Don't be results oriented.

    Good decisions!


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      Hey Stedds

      This is a really awesome spot with JJ , with 24 big blinds I believe the best play is to shove all in which is what you did. I think that if we 3 bet, our hand looks a lot stronger than if we shove.

      The big blind has 3 big blinds so it's quite likely he's not going to fold any hand given the odds he's getting. This in itself should be a tell tale sign to the other players that you have a legit hand.

      So a lot of the time were getting folds which is fine ' we add nearly 4k to our 14k stack ' and if we get called then were often in good shape.

      Nice hand buddy, shame about the outcome, cheers, Chris.


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        I agree, against their ranges a shove here is totally standard, don't really see a better way to play it tbh. With a big stack opener (unless he's a massive nit) we should be well ahead of his range, and the others just flatting are also unlikely to have a bigger pair, so we're in a fantastic spot here to accumulate some real chips, whether we get called off or it folds around. We should be in great shape against the calling range of an opponent, especially once we get through the OR, since the flat callers are much less likely to have QQ+
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          cheers chris and dave thought it was right just wanted to be sure and yea the villians you point out were loose players so i thought must be ahead of his range and put a couple on weak pokcet pairs or Ax hands which i would of been fine against



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