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$1 45-man SnG - KQs CO and I've been 3-bet

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  • $1 45-man SnG - KQs CO and I've been 3-bet

    Last 2 tables and I'm CL. Villain is 17.9/8.5/1 over 106 hands. His 3 bet stat is 4.8% and his Fold to steal on BB is 66.7%. Am I right to fold to this 3-bet?

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    In a nutshell, yes.

    There are so many hands that have you dominated. You're coin flipping at the very best and probably a good bit behind in most cases.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Hi Hellsgate,

      Yes again I think a fold is good.

      I also like the raise with KQs. Good hand and also great position to be putting pressue on.

      The villains stats don't look like someone who is all of a sudden going to shove 19BBs in the middle without a hand. This is just too many chips to risk with KQs.

      Also important to the read on would be your image, whether you had been doing alot of raising yourself. Regardless here though, it's time to give up and preserve you chips.

      Incidently you can't let this jam here affect your play, If the next hand is KQs you should raise again in exactly the same way.

      If we found someone shoving on us alot then we would ease off a little and then raise him with strong hands when we expect to call him shove and have him in bad shape.

      Well played

      Quad Bracelet Winner



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