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$1 45-man SnG - KTo BB. What should I do about this raise?

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  • $1 45-man SnG - KTo BB. What should I do about this raise?

    Last 2 tables and I'm CL. Villain is 7.1/7.1/0 over 14 hands. He looks pretty tight, but thats a small sample and hes opening from the button.

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    Fold is fine but I'd take a note of his min raise on the button. He may be a habitual stealer on the button and you can call KTo when you have more stats on him.
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      Hi Hellsgate,

      I agree with Ovalman folding is fine. 14 hands isn't a huge sample but he's obviously not super active, I would be fairly confident he's a tight player. Alot of tight players in $1 45man games will just not be active stealers. They'll just be raising their premium hands like they do in other positions.

      KT is also a hand that can be dominated by alot of raising hands AK,AT,KQ,KJ.

      If you did have a read on a player as being tight and an active blind stealer you can 3bet here to something pretty small like 950-1000 still pretty cheap but enough to get rid of KQ,KJ and possibly AT that are dominating us. Also give us the opportunity to believably cbet on any board with an A or K.

      Before I would think about trying to attack here it would also be important to consider our image, if we were seen as loose and agressive then a 3bet to 1000 probably would not be respected so in that case I would absolutely just fold.

      Same as the 88 situation. We have alot of chips we can sit back a little and attack spots were players haven't entered the pot already, these are the spots where we'll get the least resistance.

      Good Luck

      Quad Bracelet Winner


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        Hi Andy / Ovalman,

        Thanks to both of you for taking the time to have a look at this hand and the other two I'd posted. I'd had a look at all three hands using Poker Stove after this tournament and that analysis told me I was correct to fold the 88 and KQs but I still wanted to get other opinions, just in case. This hand, however, I wasn't so sure about so thanks for the in-depth explanation you've given.

        Would it be a good idea for me to include my own stats when I post any hands?

        On a side note, I thought this tournament was going well, but a few hands after this one I got my money in good and got sucked out on leaving me crippled. C'est la vie, eh?



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