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NL, STT, QQ, Should I have seen it through?

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  • NL, STT, QQ, Should I have seen it through?

    Sorry, no replay, since this is from my first live tournament I attended yesterday.
    If this is not appropriate here I apologize and please close the thread.

    I had just advanced to the final table of the tournament so I don't have much information on the opponents, but my main villain seems to be loose aggressive. I can't be sure though because no hand was seen to the showdown before so I don't know what he is actually betting on and this is only the 4th hand on that table. I folded all previous hands, so he should not have any info on me.

    I sit UTG, get QQ and raise 3 Big Blinds, everyone folds, BB calls.

    Flop is 6,7,8
    BB checks, I raise ~75% of pot, get re-raised, I call.

    Turn is 10
    BB raises ~50% of pot, I fold

    I think he may have had nothing but there were just too many options for him to beat me and at the final table the blinds had just gone up so I would probably have had to go all in on the river if I had stayed in the pot. As it turned out, I never got a decent hand after that one and I never recovered from the chips lost on that hand.

    How should I have played that hand?
    Bet more aggressively to discourage him or should I have folded after being re-raised on the flop? Any other comments? I am very new to poker so any hints will be welcome.

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    Hey KStortebeker umbup: Congrats on making the final table, you must of been doing something right So QQ UTG is for sure good enough for a raise and I like your raise sizing pref lop, 3x the BB is a solid amount. Post flop, 678 is a bit of a scary board for us as it does hit the type of hands the BB will be defending with ' suited connectors and middle pairs '. So I like to c bet, I think 50% of the pot here would be sufficient enough, when we bet 75% of the pot it kind of tells our opponent that we do have something so I like to bet a bit smaller here because, one... it allows us to control the size of the pot... we don't necessarily want to play for stacks on this flop versus an opponent we don't have a lot of information about and by betting half the pot on the flop we are able to keep the size of the pot smaller on later streets. However betting 75% of the pot here is ok, it would be very nice to know what the stack sizes were here but assuming that we are both 30bb deep.... I like to call the check raise on the flop as the villain can be doing this with bluffs and hands which have a lot of equity against us like 56,89, and any 9x hand. The turn is the worst card in the deck for us because it is very likely to help villain's hand, and even if it hasn't improved his hand then it's a great bluff card for him and there's nothing we can do about it. So I like the line you took, I think that bet calling the flop and folding the turn is the best play here. Hope this helps, and I hope you did well in the tournament Cheers, Chris.



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