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My last hand in a SNG question

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  • My last hand in a SNG question

    Ok my question here is, did I play this correctly or should I have folded as it was 8/45 and the money starts at 7/45 and also as the villian had a bigger stack? I think I played it correctly but looking for feedback. Thanks.

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    This is a tough spot and not the instant call as it seems.

    Your opponent played it well, he bullied with a big stack and put the question back to you.

    The first thing to ask is how aggressive has he been? How many times has he stole blinds and re-raised the other stacks.

    I'm only getting familiar with ICM (Independent Chip Models) but you get nothing for 8th while you get double your buy in for 7th. You seem in a healthy position even if you fold. I don't like flat calling here as we only hit the flop 1 time in 3 and he has position over us to shove that flop with any 2.

    One thing I would do when the blinds are so high is reduce my raising amount.It means we can loosen our range and play more hands. Depending on the table I would be raising to either 850 or 1,000 chips. This gives me more fold equity should I need it but will also win more pots. It's surprising how many pots you will win raising with 850 chips on the bubble.

    I'm squirming on this hand, if my opponent is a maniac I'm calling but my more likely approach is fold and make the money, there will be better spots than this to get your chips in. In a STT the most important thing is to make the money first and to win the tournament second. AK is a monster but it's not a made hand, remember even 22 is ahead pre flop.

    Don't beat yourself up over this hand. I've made the same move time and time again but I like to get my chips in first, not calling my stack off.
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      I play a lot of Limit STT's and I had the same situation on a bubble play. It created a lot of discussion and it wasn't as clear as the hand first suggested. It's decisions like this though that gives us profit.
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          Hey Gambit II umbup: I think you was right to get it in here but I would of preferred to see a shove preflop. We only have 17 big blind's and as we are on the bubble I would much rather just shove now rather than raise and be put into a tough spot if we get re raised. By shoving all in pre flop we remove the ability for anybody else to re raise us which is a + especially as we are on the bubble. As played .... yep I feel that getting it in is best. Villain shows up with worse hands here a lot of the time and a bunch of pairs were flipping against. So assuming that we are adequately bankrolled for this 45man, I feel that getting our AK in vs this re raise is a must. Hope this helps, cheers, Chris.



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