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Fold KK Heads up SNG on the river?

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  • Fold KK Heads up SNG on the river?

    Really not sure if this fold was correct at all. Obviously pre-flop I would be happy to get it all in, but was the standard open and I was opening at least %90 of the buttons. This player donked, and had done this in the early stages of the SNG with a strong draw (KQs on JAx suited). He'd also done it in the heads up stage and re-raised me all in when I ignored his donk and c-bet anyway. So I was hoping he was going to shove, and would have snap called him, but he just called. The ace comes, which concerns me greatly, as he and the third place opponent were raising / calling all Aces. However I call as I feel this is probably the only hand beating me, unless a set is lurking. He shoves the river, and I fold. His donk was smaller than usual, so maybe he had J8 or J8s, or maybe an Ace. I'm not really feeling this as a bluff, but the only value hand I guess I'm beating is some kind of crazy ten. So is this right? Can I really fold Kings to one overcard and only one outside straight possibility?

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    **moved to more appropriate forum since this is from a torunament JWK24**

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      basically i can only say, that i would have played the hand the same way, preflop & flop you would like to get it allin and on the turn you can fold directly to a bet (since you might have been already behind on the flop) and river you just can't call anymore

      well played, nothing you can do


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        Thanks for the reply, this is a spot in the past where I would have thought 'I have KK, I call any bet any street', but I guess I have to remember it's only 1pair!



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