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Tight Fold?

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  • Tight Fold?

    At this point everyone was min or 3x raising and getting folds, and there was the very occasional shove that was always getting a fold. I'm not sure if this fold is correct, or how I would go about working out whether it is or not, especially in the heat of the moment. I folded as a 4bet was unheard of in this game, and I was thinking I'm behind any pair and AK. I know in a cash game this might be an immediate call due to equity etc, but in a one table SNG I can only assume it's right to sometimes fold even if you are +ev. For example, if you're %52 to win, you always call in cash games, but maybe you fold in a SNG as waiting can translate into a better cash reward? I also felt I was quite easily chipping up against these opponents and was fairly certain my post-flop skills were superior to both.

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    **moved to more appropriate forum since this is from a tourney JWK24**

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      Hi Jameisus,

      At the end of the day it comes down to what range is your opponent 4betting with. Anything but the tightest of ranges is a call. By 3betting we have pot commited ourselves most of the time, especially with a hand as strong as AQ when we are 3 handed. We have to have a plan when we bet here, on what we will do in the case of a shove.

      In terms of not wanting to take a 2% equity edge, this is understandable on the bubble when 4th place gets nothing and then there's a big jump to 3rd. But once you are inside the money in an STT now the jump from 2nd to 1st is twice that of 3rd to 2nd so you should at this point be taking any edge and going for the win.

      Rather than 3betting to 1200, 3bet shoving is a good option. We only have 19BBs so shoving AQo is not a mistake stack-wise in this situation especially when the raise is a full 3x raise.

      Also better than raise folding here is flat calling. I might do this if I thought a full 3x raise was strong. But doing this we should be prepared to go broke when we hit top pair, and also prepared to call a cbet one time when we miss.

      Couple of other points on the hand that might solidify the read on our opponent.

      You mention some min raises and some 3x raises. There is a huge difference in min and 3x at the end of a SnG. Had this opponent been sticking to one or the other up until now. If an opponent has been using min or 2.5x and then they suddenly jump to 3x, would normally be the sign of a strong hand that they will not be folding.

      How strong is a 4bet here? Well the opponents only options once you raise is shove or fold. He can never flat call here and leave you with 1 pot sized bet left on the flop and being the aggressor and first to act. So if he has any hand with equity (which he should have if he's raising a full 3x) then he has to shove. So when we reraise a 3x raise here we should be expecting alot of shoves in reply and in turn a wider 4betting range.

      So summing all up.

      If this is not the first time the villian has raised 3x then it's an easy jam to pick up 25% or our stack.

      If villian has been min raising and just switched to 3x. Then fold or flat call and play cautiously unless we hit.

      Good Luck

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        Thanks for the reply Andy, think it was probably a little tight then, and I guess the mindset has to be I can't win them all but I can make +ev as often as possible.



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