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good float

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  • good float

    decided to float with the worse hand to bluff the turn with my weak hand as they was donk betting into most flops and i new none of this was in there range

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    Hi stedds! With 44 on the button, I'm going to make a standard raise, which is to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I will raise to 480. By raising less and having the blinds yet to act, I will give them the odds that they need to draw at me, which is something that I want to avoid. Giving the opp the correct odds to draw will get them to stay in hands more often, which will lead to me getting drawn out on more and more often. The flop brings three overcards (expected since I have 44) and the opp that did not raise preflop now bets just under 1/2 pot. This is a big problem, as Q's and 10's are well within the opp's range and make up a good portion of it. From the SB, they should be calling with a pair, Ax, broadway cards, etc. Has this opp led flops with nothing before? That is going to be critical information here. If it's a league game, then especially late in the month, the words float or bluff should not even be a part of my vocabulary. I need to preserve the league points that I have, to get the largest end-of-month payout that I can. A bluff here is going to cost me a good bit of real $$$ (not just tourney chips) the overwhelming majority of the time, which makes the play never worth it. I don't want to waste all the time and hard work that I've had over the entire month by getting a bluff called and ending up with a large negative number of league points. In a cash tourney, I'm still mucking here 99% of the time. The one exception is if the opp has shown a tendency to bet every flop then fold on the turn. Without this specific read, then calling the flop bet and then raising or betting the turn is going to cost me a bunch of chips.... when I've only got 2 outs. If the flop was low cards, then those may not be in the opp's range, but with two broadway cards, BOTH of those are well within the opp's range from the blind. Due to this, I'm behind in the hand and have 2 outs to improve, so if I put more than 4% of the pot total into it... it is a -EV play for me. If it can help my table image, etc, then I'll take a small -EV play in tourney chips every so often... but never a large -EV play and more than that... never a -$$EV play due to dropping in the league standings at the end of the month. The chips that you could gain, even in a larger +EV chip situation will never outweigh the $$ that I could lose due to dropping in the standings if I lose the hand. (trust me on this one, as I learned it the hard way!) Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      cheers john just to note i dont raise 3x in the premier league either way they are going to call if they want whether it be 366 or 480 so i like to save chips incase i miss the flop and turn over a whole game its amazing how much you save, after my pre flop raise then the bettting gets standard 1/2 to full pot depending on the board etc and i get way more respect than i should with the raises i do because all my showdowns are with the nuts or near to the nuts so they respect me alot in that sense im struggling to get people to call these raises alot of the times the only action i get is when people are in shove fold mode later in the game so until then most of the time im stuck because i can only pick up blinds and its only got worse since about 2 weeks in and yes the opponant had a tendancy to double barrell with air and 99% of the time if they hit something they didnt lead they check raise the raiser or check raise all in thats the only reason i floated to bluff the turn with the winning hand and always donk bet with air so i played it well i think just on the bases of reads through countless games with them thanks for all the info and yea not good learning the hard way



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