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always one

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  • always one

    premier skill league 100 left 6.5k avg set up perfect for a deep run or even a ft which would of put me in 4th or 5th place in the league reason for betting so small on the flop is as you can see i have top pair top kicker with a flush draw i wanted to try get him to shove with his weaker K or pocket pairs never did i put him on J10 he was calling my all in on flop aswell *** deleted member insult JWK24***
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    Hi stedds! Are you into positive points at this point in the tourney? The reason is that I will play it two different ways depending on that answer. If I am still in negative points, then I'm flatting the raise and hoping to see the flop cheap. I don't have a made hand yet and I want to save my chips to get into positive points. This is even more important since it's late in the month. The later it is in the month, the more important it is to get a positive result from each game. If I'm in positive points, then I'll make a std 3-bet here, which for me is to 3x the previous bet, so I'll bet 3000. The flop gives me top pair and the nut flush draw. The opp checks to me and I'm going to make my standard value bet here of 1/2 pot. I don't want to be betting less, as I want the opp to have a -EV draw to try and beat me. I also do not want to bet less than I did preflop. Betting a lower amount on the flop compared to preflop is a sign of a weak hand, which would give the opp even more incentive to stay in the hand against me if they have outs... something I do not want to have happen with a made hand that can improve. The turn completes a str8 to JT and puts many more straight draws out there along with a good possibility that the opp could have two pair. I have to bet this and put the opp all-in when it's checked to me. If I'm the opp (after seeing their hand), I'm checking the turn 100% of the time and letting the aggressive opp bet, so that I can then shove or call to get all-in. The key in this hand is the flop bet amount. Betting less than what was bet preflop shows weakness and gives the opp more incentive to draw, which I do not want to do in this situation. If the opp raises the flop, then I'm calling it. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      i didnt no i dont no how the structure works etc i got -10 thats all i no and cheers would you of put him on J10 really i thought an ace high pocket jjs 1010s but risking your life with garbage i mean come on lol and like i said the only reason i bet small was to induce a shove with a weak hand as i had a monster flop but he was caling all in either way on the flop and preflop lol thats how bad it is but yea i wont be doing that again il shove the the flop thanks


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        Hi stedds!

        I don't want to put the opp on one particular hand, but their entire range. With their chip stack, that should be any pair, any ace, any broadway....... and JT definitely fits into it.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          fair enough cheers


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            Hey stedds

            imo there is always more than one..

            you just have to deal with it - and in the leagues there are always added factors.

            No cost to buy in. So players who at this stage know they can't compete for the league prizes will gamble more for the tourney cash prizes. And they know the players that are looking for league prizes will mostly play tight.

            And some are just clueless.

            And its MTTs - you can't expect to run good all the time - so a few deep runs is great - but you have to expect bad beats and early exits.

            Looks to me like you done pretty good this month - despite the bad beats and running into better - just keep playing your A-game - its not easy to make the top 80 here.

            4 Time Bracelet Winner


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              thanks ed if it wernt for beats like this id of won this month but as you stated cant win them all etc i can only control the bets and my play not the run ahh well maybe next time will see



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