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Request hand analysis - KhAd correct play?

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  • Request hand analysis - KhAd correct play?

    Hi all, This is my first post in the forum so I hope its in the right place. I've been playing for about a week so this is I think my 7th game on Pokerstars. Ive played the odd game with friends before but would like to learn as much as I can to improve my game. The 7 games or so I played ( i know its a tiny number of hands) stared off 6 max but I heard its good to play 9 max so this is my third go at it. I came 9th first, 6th second and then ultimately placed 5th in this game. My reason for requesting hand analysis on this particular hand is that I wanted to get some clarification on if I'm playing the hand KhAd correctly. I'll let you make your own assessment of the play but the thing I would mention is that my action on the river was based on my assessment of my opponents action on the pre flop and flop. Any help or criticism kindly appreciated. P.S I've just realised its attached my final hand in the above game, I was going to post this separately as per the guidelines but since it is here any advice on if this was incorrect play for a pair of 5 hole cards id much appreciate it. Regards.
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      Hi JCMFX! Welcome to the forum. With AKs on the button, I'm going to make my standard preflop raise for this level, which is to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so here I will raise to 4BB or 120. This isolates the limper, which is what I was hoping for... a heads-up pot IN position. The flop is a total miss. When the opp checks to me, I'm going to make my standard c-bet here of 1/2 pot. I don't want to bet less than this, as I want to price out the possible straight draws (just incase the opp has for example A5). The turn card completes the straight if the opp has a 5. Now, all of a sudden, the opp that has been very passive in the hand (check or call only) makes a lead bet. If this opp is a calling station, a player that mostly only calls bets... this is a VERY troubling sign, as a station that lead bets will almost always have a made hand (normally the nuts too). Since I only have ace high, when the opp makes this bet (not a min bet too, which is something that a calling station may sometimes do), I'm going to muck. About the best I can hope for is a 5 on the river for a chop, so I don't want to give any chips away here. The opp again bets the river and I'm not calling, as I only have ace high. If I think the opp is bluffing, I want at least a pair that can bet their bluff to call. Early in a tourney, ace high is going to be the worst hand almost every single time and it's not worth the chance. I absolutely would, however, be making a note on this opp as soon as I see the 7 10 off, as the opp will play ATC and chase gutshot straights. The way to play this type of player is to get a made hand and then value bet them. Don't try to bluff them, but value bet all of my made hands against them (and hope that I get one or 2 value hands against them before they give their chips to someone else). In the 55 hand, if this is from a STT, where the top 3 get ITM, then as the low stack, I'm looking for a place to accumulate chips. I only have 4BB left, so I'm looking for any situation to gain chips and 55 definitely works for me here. Hopefully the shove will isolate the initial raiser and that I'll be in a race against them, as I hope they have 2 overcards and not an overpair. When I'm short-stacked in a tourney like this, I'm playing any pair along with many other hands and I'm fine with being in a race against one opp. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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