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right play

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  • right play

    all these hands are with in about 15 hands of the premier skill league
    Last edited by stedds; Wed Oct 24, 2012, 03:55 AM.

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    The best you can hope for with ducks is to hit bottom set.

    I'll not call raises with 22 - especially a raise with a call so we are against 4 cards that are either bigger pairs or 4 overcards.

    I know it is pricing us in but I prefer to just fold.

    Nice reult here - but the board is so low it misses most ranges and our bottom set is usually good, but not sure how often we get paid off. This won't happen often. But I like the play having hit the set when thet are so likely to have missed the flop and have overpairs or high cards to draw to.

    Don't like getting involved myself - but maybe that is too nitty given the price.

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      cheers ed that the villain who raises is always bad beating me so i though it was worth a call and i was hitting alot of cards and flops so it was worth a shot whilst i was on abit of a heater as such and it paid off so happy with that was shocked a j didnt come though haha


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        Hi Stedds,

        Quite the heater indeed

        In terms of price to call and set mine we are getting an ok price with the raiser having a 3k stack. We probably need a read on the short stack, how likely is this guy to shove on the flop.

        He's stack size could make the dynamics a little arkward. He shoves you hit your set and call that might kill your action from the bigger stack. If he shoves with air and you don't hit your set you can't call with the aggressor still left to act.

        With a decent stack already I think you can afford a speculator here.

        Checking the set to the original raiser is fine since you and the short stack looks like you are making really loose calls.


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          yea was a lovely heater was happy but didnt last to much longer was card dead the next 2 hours or so cant complain though and thanks thought it was right if i was even stacked id of proberbly folded



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