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Bad shove

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  • Bad shove

    the action speaks for itself? was folded all round, deicided to raise 2.5x, gt rr to 400 n decided to shove it all in. was abt 45% dog, so i guess it was kinda bad shove?
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    Originally posted by wikked76 View Post
    was abt 45% dog, so i guess it was kinda bad shove?
    Hi wikked,

    His actual hand here doesn't make it good or bad, what makes it good or bad is his range of hands that will get it in here. Note that I didn't say range that will 3b your steal position raise, but actually range that will call off to a 4b shove. At this early a stage with deep stacks, that range SHOULD be tight enough to have AK smashed. I'm talking like QQ+ and maybe AKs. Against that range you're a 2-1 dog. Now if you have reads that the player is bad, a spewer, whatever, then it can be ok but the real key is to take the next worse hand from yours and ask yourself if they would play it this way. In this case that's AQ... would the villain here 3b with AQ then call off to a 4b shove this early in the tournament on this depth of money? If the answer is yes, then the shove is ok (but still very high variance). If not, then you're generally better off flat calling and seeing the flop for 10bb's. If the guy is a hyper aggressive 3 bettor, then you can 4b again but understand that you're basically re-bluffing with blockers, as if you get called you will be trailing the big pairs either as a small dog or big one vs. AA/KK. In this case though the times you get called and are behind are more than made up for by the number of times mr. hyper-aggro is 3b/folding off the 400 chips he just put in the pot.
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