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LIVE Satalitte ICM question

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  • LIVE Satalitte ICM question

    Hey all,

    So last weekend I was playing in a Live satallite and stone bubbled it The hand that crushed me was pretty standard My poket J's lost to AKo and that one doesn't bother me NEARLY as much as a hand that had taken place only a few minues earlier.

    So, here's the situation:

    7 players left, the satalitte pays 5.

    I'm in the SB, but the BB is the super short stack. After posting he blind he's left with maybe 1.5 BB behind. He's ALMOST dead money.

    UTG folds, and UTG+1 Shoves. He has around 22 BB. It folds around to me and I wake up with AQ of diamonds. My stack sits at around 33 BB. So I TANK.

    My Thoughts:

    If I call here AND the BB calls, I have a chance to take them both out and end this tournement. BUT, if I call, there's a good chance that the BB folds. He'll be super short, but at least them he might be able to get away with A)a better hand or B) faceing (Hopefully) only one opponent.

    So if the BB folds, then I'm heads up with someone who could potentially cripple me, and if I win, his chip stack still only puts me in about 3rd in chips, from the 4th I currently sit in.

    Conversely, if I fold, the BB is almost sure to call (he hasn't shown any signs of being a donk that would fold to one raiser here,) and no matter what happens, my relative chip stack remains almost the same.


    So after tanking for about 5 minutes on this one I mucked my cards. The BB called and Showed J8o. The other guy had Q10 of clubs. The board ran Q high, with no flush draws.

    I'm not being results oriented. The fact that I would have won the pot isn't my concern. It's did I make the right decision?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Hi BandShooter!

    With this being a satty, the one goal is to get a ticket. One key that I'd need to look at before anything is... do I have enough chips to get the ticket now?
    The reason for this is that if I hit that chip amount, then I'm not playing another hand and I'll even muck AA.

    Playing AQ against only the super short stack, I'd do (if I was isolated). However, if I'm even close in chips to getting the ticket, then I'm mucking it here against a larger stack. If losing the AQ hand puts me with a bottom 2 chip stack, then I'm mucking it, as I want to have a made hand in any situation where I'd have to take a chance. The super shorty will call regardless, so I'm basically NEVER in a heads-up pot here, as by calling with AQ, I give the shorty pot-odds to call with anything.

    When the JJ happened, what were the chip stacks? This may be a shove or a muck depending on it. What position was I in? How close was I to being above or below 5th? The reason I ask is that I really don't want to be playing ANY hands against a stack larger than me if I don't have to.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hey JW:

      With the AQ I was 4th in chips, but 5th was almost even.

      With the J's, It was the same spot only with one less player. I was in 4th with 31 or 32 BB. I had 5th covered by 1500 (3 antes)

      He was in the CO, I was the button, BB was the short stack, with the SB being 2nd in chips.

      CO min raised, I jammed, he called with AK, K on the turn.


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        Hey BandShooter!

        If I'm 4th/5th in chips and 6th was more than just a few chips behind me, then I'd pass on both of them. I want to preserve my chip position and not take a chance.
        Once I dropped to 5th, then I'd start to look to play a hand IF 6th would chip-up and get near my stack. As long as they are behind, I'd let them have to win a hand against a bigger stack and have them be at risk, instead of me.
        Of course, if they did double up and move ahead of me, then I'm looking to chip-up and get my chip position back.

        How many chips I have (as long as I'm in the top 5) would be basically irrelevant to me. All I need is 1 chip with 5 left to get the ticket.
        If I'm in a top 5 chip position, I'm sitting back and letting the big stacks play hands to take someone out.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Something's not tracking here. We're on the bubble of a live satellite and are one of the shortest stacks with 32 big blinds? That can't be right. And you said you had the 5th place stack covered by 1500 which was 3 antes, so 500 ante, it's probably like 2K-4K blinds then at least, so you have 128K in chips? It's really hard to give good advice without accurate info. On the bubble of a satellite we should never be getting JJ in preflop against a stack that can bust us if we have 32 bb's, but I don't think these stacks are right.....
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