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sorry guys i have another

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  • sorry guys i have another

    ok this is a skill league busted out at 729here my basic stats here are 3/9 in the BB 2/10 SB 4/62 in other 3/4 pots at showdown 2 without showdown so im getting better at the skill league i think though i dont hv resutlts to show for it but am i too tight now to this hand should i have shoved or if not what then sorry for all the post guys am really trying to fix all my mistakes and get better

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    im in a hubbles right now (whilst impost this)
    average chip stack is 41k and i got 18k i have been 1/2 average from the early stages of tourney im not sure if im playing too tight or what it is
    m stats right now are
    10/16 BB
    3/15 SB
    10/100 other
    5/6 at showdown
    1 without showdown

    so give me your feedback ill visit strategy forums with this but since i posted this hand just figured i might as well


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      Hi danan758! Nothing is too tight for a league game and there is absolutely no problem with posting hands that you have a question for... that's what the HA forums are for. I vividly remember one that I was in for two hours. I played two hands and the only reason I was in the second one was that I was blinded in. With AK from UTG, since this is a league game, I'm not going to open-shove like I would in a cash tourney. I'm going to make my std open (2.5BB+1BB for each limper) and re-evaluate when I have to. By betting 1500, I'm hoping to limit the field, as I do not want to be in a multi-way pot with an unmade hand. Also, if someone shoves over me.. I can then get off the hand and last a good bit longer, as I will still have over 5BB. Since this could be near where the points could change from negative to positive (will depend on your league score for the month), it's best to err on the side of caution and assure getting positive points from the tourney. If this was a cash tourney, it's a snap-shove for me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. In the Hubble, those numbers look similar to what I would run in them to get a deep run. I play extremely tight early, then loosen up some near the bubble. The only number that may be high is the BB (SB may be 1 too many too as it's the position that I want to be involved in hands the least)... unless I saw the overwhelmning majority of those BB ones for free. I would normally be in the 15-20 (+/- 5%) range on flops seen, depending on how good of cards I was getting.

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        thanks again



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