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Could I have played this differently experts ?

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  • Could I have played this differently experts ?

    Bit unsure what to include so i wil includ almost everything , I hope, and from memory I was 11/15 where 7 get paid Its a 25c for 45 man First limper 22/0 second limper 44/22 both only 9 hands third player min raises hes playin 19/3 over 39 hands Now I was never folding and I have around 15 big blinds My question is for lower variance (but a smaller pot) should I have just caled or raised and then cbet ? What would you do and why ?..on the preview I do not see the table but here goes hope it appears Thanks Sam

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    Don't be results oriented. A shove to isolate the raiser is a standard play on your stack.

    With two limpers then a min raise my standard move here on deeper stacks is a raise to about 1600. Since that is over a third of your stack a shove is preferable.

    Good decisions.


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      HI samlucy, I think your play is fine. Don't know much about stats but flat calling invites the limpers to come along for a small price and you would be multi-way on the flop with about 12bb behind. Shoving directly used fold equity for the limpers but you came up against - IMO a light call from a villain who made an insignificant isolation raise. Lets see what the hand analyzers say but I'd have shoved. umbup:


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        Hi samlucy,

        Reading the stats and watching the action the min raise over two limpers from a guy that loves limping and only raises 3% of the time looks pretty scary to me. That being said you have AKs which still plays pretty well vs this guys scary range.

        If nothing else the I think the min raise tells me this guy is probably not gonna fold, so we have very little fold equity.

        If you thought this guys range was strong I could maybe get behind a limp see the flop and commit any time you see an A or K or 2 spades. Then check fold anything else. Reason I think this would be ok is we're getting an awesome price and could still drag a big pot pretty safely if we hit the flop since we'll have the limp fishes in the pot too.

        Reason I think it's bad is we are pretty short, 15 players left is way too early to be thinking about a low variance approach to try and cash. We need to be in chip collection mode and AKs is a great chance for that.

        Given it's a 25c game and these limpers could still limp call our shove I think a shove is good.

        I would want a really good read on the raisers range to just flat call and try and get tricky.

        Well played as is.

        Quad Bracelet Winner


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          Thank you trump and forrest thats what I thought but wasnt entirely sure

          Thanks Andy although I meant just to clarify a low variance EV kinda(hope you knw what I mean) for just that hand without even thinking about the payout spots

          But i do understand where you are coming from that guyh ad been playing TAG up until this hand and the next one where he busted with Q4o with Q was as if someone else took over playing his tournament lol

          I thought he could have had as strong as QQ but I was prepared to coinflip

          When I saw K9soooooted I was quite surprised that he called

          So if i had small reriased or just called when 2 spades came and I have 2 overcards no way your getting away as pot committed

          Thanks everyone


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            um from what i hv learnt and stuff its pretty easy no matter what read u got on opponent u got an M of around 9 or 10
            its an automatic shove
            1)u isolate the raiser
            2)it can serve as a re steal with your stack if u take it down pre flop add roughly 35% to your stack
            3)its best to make a move now and dont wait to get blinded out by a spell or bad hands unless the bubble factor and all that stuff..


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              u shouldnt be results oriented
              the villain made a pretty bad play with the k9
              1) the effective stacks to follow are basically in the push or fold stage of the tourney that also depends on skill level as players may still raise 3x with 15bb stacks so the villain may have had a good reason for opening k9 im giving him the benefit of the doubt
              so if the players are passive i may open with k9 too
              2)AK has descent equity here against any hand but AA
              if i had aces i wouldnt min raise entices so many people to see a flop here maybe 2.5x maybe even a shove


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                Hey danan im in total agreement with your first post but

                1 thing im unclear onhere is do you think he should have called my allin with K9s ?

                Guess i was being results orientaed and i dont fault his play raisng the limpers (although unclear of whata min raise achieves here) but are you saying his call was good ? or bad ?

                Sorry im just a tad unclear

                ty for your insights



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                  no he shouldnt hv bet the k9 and certainly shoudlnt have called unless he had the right price to call im way too tired to go bk to watch hand and calculate stuff so ill go with he should hv just fold and save his remaining chips


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                    oh i think i mis read your post

                    min raise doesnt achieve anything here no matter what hand u got
                    and certainly should not called have called your shove


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                      Originally posted by danan758 View Post
                      min raise doesnt achieve anything here no matter what hand u got and certainly should not called have called your shove
                      I agree 100%!umbup: John (JWK24)

                      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                        Originally posted by samlucy View Post
                        Could I have played this differently experts ?
                        Could you have played this differently? Yes there are many possible ways to play this hand. And most of them are dead wrong.

                        Should you have played differently? Not without other reads on your opponent?

                        Good decisions!



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