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Big 4.40.....should I have played the hand?

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  • Big 4.40.....should I have played the hand?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Originally posted by WeaselBasher View Post
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I definitely want to play this hand. I prefer to shove rather than call though - there are a few big stacks behind who have us covered but who we have fold equity with - they might flat call as well when we give them a great price by calling - and I don't want to put $12K of the $42K in and then have to fold post-flop if we miss. The shove before us is only a 3BB stack so it is equivalent to a standard raise - and with the small stack in and the blinds/antes there is a lot of money - $25K in the pot before we enter with our legitimately strong hand - so I would be going for it. Same result though - unfortunately 3rd place in a 3-way pot Good luck Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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      Hmmmm.....well my heading is a bit mis-leading, Ed. Really the Q's are, 1. Should I have entered pot, 2. What should I have bet. The outcome is irrelevant, as you know. Methinks he had a 99, 1010,JJ,QQ,KK,AA......... Your input is very welcome, Ed, thank you!!umbup:


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        Hi WeasalBasher,

        I agree with EdinFreeman here.

        We're definately don't want to fold a hand like AK. But I would absolutely want to be shoving here.

        Stacks this short can be really tight players and still show up behind AK.

        By shoving we prevent anyone else from entering the pot lightly behind and out flopping us.

        Isolating versus these two shorties means we're getting a great price in a put with only a smallish portion of our stack at risk.

        This deep in the tourney we definately want those chips.

        Nice Run

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          Thank you Andy........and Edumbup:



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