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Would you consider this as being the right play?

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  • Would you consider this as being the right play?

    just as a background - this was the open league freeroll, and as we know in freerolls the field is very loose i know i had the right pot odds to make the call and it worked out in the end, but im wondering if it was a right call to make here's the hand: i was hoping for a bluff since he checked the turn and the river only paired the board and the call didnt come as quickly as it shows in the replayer by the way - i actually got into the time bank

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      Hi bigfoot2212! With this being a league game, I need to play the hand very cautiously. I'm not ITM yet and lasting as long as possible, espeically to get ITM is my goal for every league game. I want to accumulate as many points as I can for the end of the month payouts and getting ITM in them will get me more points. With AJs from the SB, I'm going to make a standard raise here, which for me at this blind level, is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper, so I wil raise to 700. The flop is a total miss for me. Due to having only ace high, I'm checking this flop. If either opp has a bigger ace or hit the board, I'm in deep trouble here and I do not want to give any chips away that I do not have to. I only want to be putting chips into a league game pot when I have the best hand.. which I most likely don't here with ace high. If it was a cash tourney, I could make a c-bet on the flop and if I did so, I would bet 1/2 the size of the pot. Betting less gives the opps the right odds to draw. If anyone calls a c-bet on the flop, then I will not put another chip into the pot unless my hand improves. The turn is another miss for me but also brings a flush draw. I'm checking for pot control here too. I do not want to put another chip into this pot without a made hand. If any of the opps bets, I'm folding. The river pairs the 2. This will be the same situation for me. I have ace high, so I'm check/folding to any bet. I most likely do not have the best hand and I don't want to give any of my chips away, as I want to use them to last longer in the tourney and to hopefully get ITM (where the larger league scores are). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thanks for the reply, i understand your reasoning and agree with it totally - i usually dont make these kinds of calls

        it's just the way the hand was played out and what i've seen from that player in the hands before in the tournament that induced a call in that position, and the fact that it was such a small raise in relation to the pot made it seem very weak if he had bet more closely to half the pot i would most likely not make the call ever
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