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Bad play or bad beat?

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  • Bad play or bad beat?

    This is the Hot $0.55 tourney and we were close to the bubble. I had a tight image at this table and I woke up with AA on the button so I'm thinking sweet let's double up shall we . So it folds around to me and I open-raise to 3x. The BB flats and donks on the flop...gosh at least allow me to cbet then check-raise. That would have been the ideal course of action for a hand like a set or two pair. So I raise him all-in and he calls showing second pair, then gets lucky on the river to make two pair. Could you please comment about the hand: Was I right to go all-in on the flop? Regards, RFlush007
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    Hi RFlush,

    Definately not bad play.

    In this spot I would still be thinking about getting as much value as possible. Once you call his bet the pot is about 8k and he has 11k behind.

    The best value action is going to be dependant on the villian here.

    If the villain is really aggressive we could just flat and intend to call a turn bet or raise ourselves if they don't since we have position.

    If the player is tight and passive we could flat and fold to a turn bet if the turn card is scary and the bet is strong.

    If the player is really loose I think raising is good. It could be a jam since it's only 11k into 8k or we could make it two bets 5k and then 6k on the river. Jamming the flop looks a little more like a bluff or semi-bluff on the flush draw so I think would probably be preferable.

    Nicely played. Unlucky, big pot.


    Quad Bracelet Winner



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