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big 8.8 last 100 players

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  • big 8.8 last 100 players

    opp have the tendency to shove 20bb's pre, he him reshove 20bb's already

    so i have 88 and i have him covered he's in the BB

    i've been playing not to so tight and not so loose

    do you think a call is good for the win?

    i thought if he have something like AA KK he will not reshove me over the top

    well, seeing his cards i made a bad call

    what are you going to do?


    next hand

    did you think i made the correct fold after double barreling with my TP against the BB

    im playing so well but unlucky with my flips in the end oh well, maybe next time finished around 70th sigh

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    Hey marvinsytanumbup: It's good to see that your making a lot of deep runs and nice cashes recently, so keep it up! Hand one, With seeing the OP open shove a 20 bb stack and reshoving a 20 bb stack I would assume that he is capable of reshoving light, so for this reason I would call. It is a difficult spot and it puts a lot of pressure on us, but given the fact we have seen him do this before I like a call, if he is a reshove happy guy then we can expect him to shove lower pairs and suited connectors 'some that we crush like 78s/89s' and maybe some Ax hands. Ultimately because of the fact that we don't have a tight table image and and we have seen the villain open ship for 20bb's and reshove all in for 20 bb's this is going to be a call from me especially as if we do lose the hand then we still have a reshippable stack size that has fold equity. Hand 2, With 17 bb's and an M of 6 it's one of them spots that feels as if we have to many chips to shove pre but I am going to be shoving the J8s blind on blind more often than not but I do like limping some of the time too. I think your line is fine, check/folding the river is a must imo. We beat A2/67/and 46 and I would suspect the villain to be raising Ax from the BB more often than not so we can exclude A2 some of the time. I don't think villain would take this line with 8x, the passive line he took smells of a flush draw and when he bombs the river it's tough for us to make a hero call for our tournament life. Opp could also have 5x but given the way he played it I would suspect he has made the flush. Nice hands marvin keep up the good work umbup:


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      ty Coach Chew

      I owe my good runs to you guys

      to all the great Coaches and Trainers of PSO - thank you very much without you all I know I will still be losing player

      after watching all the educational videos, posting hands for analysis, listening to Live trainings

      all hard work paid off

      now time to hit my ONE TIME BIG TIME


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        Thankyou very much for the kind words marvin I appreciate it very much and I can assure you that the rest of the guys do to. Go get that one time big time!!!! umbup:



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