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good play or bad play and was i committed ?

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  • good play or bad play and was i committed ?

    It was a 25c for 90 man sng and it was late i got tired but did i make a mistake here or was i pot committed ? im in 2nd out of 4 left but chip leaderi swayy ahead we 3 al close payouts $5.78 1st (which I have not much chance) $3.82 2nd $2.89 3rd $1.96 4th chip leader villain was playing VPR 34 PFR 15 AF 4.3 he had started as a rock but had opened up a lot the other 2 were very tight and I hadnt been getting out of line either I was 20/13/5 Did I play QQ hand good on every street please ? Was I pot committed with SPR of just under 4 ? cheers Nick

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    Preflop is fine if it's your standard opening raise, you could reduce it though to a min bet or somewhere in between by this stage.

    I'd probably bet a little less on flop. 35-60% of pot should achieve the same as a pot sized bet, depending on how your opponents are playing.

    Once you are check raised it really depends on how your opponent has been playing, and what sort of hands and situations he is willing to risk a good % of his chips with, not just his stats.
    Saying that though I'm probably not getting away from QQ here, especially when his play could.

    This is just unlucky, but reducing your bet sizes to risk the least you can while still achieving what you wish to achieve will result in spots where you are less committed in the future.


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      Hey nickthebrit umbup: I agree with Drarr here, at this stage of the tournament a min raise or a 2.2/2.1x is more standard than the 2.5x raise these days. I don't like betting anything more than half the pot here because a big bet might scare villain away and we are dying for action with our hand. I would bet 3k into the 5900 pot and hope to get it all in. As played I too would be calling the check raise all in, there are a gazillion hands,bluffs, and draws that we are crushing right now so calling here is a must and should of been exactly what we wanted to happen. So villain flopped a small miracle, we are never getting away from this. Villain will be check shoving hands like 9 10+,J9,79,8x and flush draws. We have his range absolutely crushed into smithereens it was just unfortunate that he flopped 2 pair. Cheers, Chris,


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        Hi u2 thank you

        I think at the time I bet pot to signify I wasnt bet foldin yet after the event I wondered if I had room to fold I started the hand with 24big blinds

        It is nice to know that this time I didnt play it badly

        Presumably his preflop call was bad or did he indeed have the correct implied odds ?

        I thought he was on the flush draw and I was either ahead or at least had a good amount of equity

        When he turns his T I doubt I could have gotten away even though I was in 2nd place (if i had folded I would have dropped to 4th plus I thought I could have been ahead)

        Thanks again


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          Originally posted by nickthebrit9 View Post
          Presumably his preflop call was bad or did he indeed have the correct implied odds ?
          Yep no where near right. Not sure what the correct odds would be off the top of my head (maybe something around 15-20/1). You want to be playing those types of hands in position for small amount chips and against multiple opponents, to ensure when you hit you get paid. Or as stealing hands when you are the aggressor.

          Just calling out of position, in big blind situations against someone showing strength is just bad.



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