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JJ in BB with 4 players Pre flop.

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  • JJ in BB with 4 players Pre flop.

    I started of looking at my bet slider, deciding how much to raise it. Then, I didn't like my position, being the first to move post flop, so I thought about what sort of hands they may have. I came to the conclusion that there was very likely some paint in their hands, and the flop may not work in my favour. I also thought suited connectors, pairs. Hmmm.....think its back to deciding how much to bet. 250 should be right. That should whittle out them pre flop. And then I thought that I would be just chucking chips away........early stages Chips are Important. I don't need to try and win all the chips, just a few will do me at the moment. Ok, I've made up my mind. just call and see the flop. Was this right?
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    Hey WeaselBasher umbup: I agree with your option to just call rather than raise, I agree with this because if we do decide to 3bet this hand its gonna have to be a large 3bet, because of all the callers its going to have to be more than 3 times the size of the original raise which straight away is going to bloat the pot, and before we know it we are playing JJ for 100 odd big blinds if someone decides to shove all in against us 'which for the most part is bad, unless the guy shoving on you is an extremely poor/loose/crazy player'. So I like calling, as for leading the flop I think it's ok, but if we get raised then it puts us in a very difficult spot, so for this reason alone I would opt to check the flop and expect one of the villains in the hand to put in a bet so we can take a check/call line. Sometimes a 3bet preflop may be best if the table is ridiculously aggressive and bad, but calling is the safest and most deceptive line to take Your preflop decision to call here is the most important one and it's very nice to see that you did decide to just call the bet rather than raise. Another thing to consider here is that we are in the early stages of the tournament, blinds are only 30/60... we have a ton of big blinds and playability which gives us more of a reason to not get carried away with JJ. Cheers, Chris.
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      Thank you Chris., and for the other ones. umbup: If I raised Post flop, that would narrow the field, and I wasn't intending to put any more chips in after my raise. If I had a caller, I was either checking or folding...unless a J popped up. But I like your angle on it. It is really helping my game, and beginning to show too. GL Weasel
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        I agree with your decision not to raise pre for all the reasons you and Chris stated. I'd also like to add one of my concerns about raising here would be that I would be inflating the pot before having to act out of position on the flop. As it is, with the stack sizes, I don't think I would even raise in position at this stage of the tourney.

        I also like your lead at the flop. I disagree with Chris and don't think you will get raised all that often on the flop. I think the pot is big enough to bet and take down now, before a scare card falls and we don't know where we are at.

        Generally speaking I think at these stakes an 8 will most likely call to slowplay their hand. A T will be cautious of that you would have an 8 but be unwilling to release a their pair, which is obviously fine for us. Other pairs, including overpairs may also be cautious of raising, believing you may have an 8, and go into check/call mode.

        If you do get called I would generally check the turn, and if checked behind probably try for a bit of value on the river depending on the cards. Or if its betted after me on the turn, or reraised on the river, re-evaluate from there depending on raise size and opponent.

        You may find some decent players making plays on these types of flops, generally in the micros and low stakes people play passively and love to slowplay their hands.