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0.25c 45 SNG.....only the second hand..

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  • 0.25c 45 SNG.....only the second hand..

    and I got involved in the first one too! Normally pretty tight, and these two holes are not in my normal play, at this stage. Enough excuses.....what do ya think? The villian was a bit loose on the first hand too was I......
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    In general we should probably be folding a hand like KTs in EP, but it flops so well and has the potential to make lots of nut hands, so I might take a flyer here. When Villain 9 3-bets and UTG calls we expect to be against a very strong hand most of the time (a squeeze seems unlikely at this limit) but we are getting pot odds of nearly 5 to 1 and have pretty deep implied odds, and we have relative position on the preflop 3-better. So when it goes check/check on the flop which it usually will, you get to see what both the PFR and the UTG caller do before you have to make your action.

    When the flop checks through, we will often have the best hand. It's possible that he's slowplaying AK/AA/KK, but there is only one combo of KK he can have, and it would be silly for him to check back all his good hands all the time. QQ seems like a likely hand. I'd make a bet of around 120 here to try to get value from a QQ/JJ/TT. If raised we should probably just fold even though he's representing such a small range, he's simply never bluffing. Check/calling would be fine too. Check/minraising is really silly. I mean, yeah he minbet but honestly you're way ahead or way behind here. And we're behind a lot of the time, so we'd rather control the size of the pot. When he min-3-bets you are pretty much always behind. BUT, you're now getting 13 to 1 to peel a card. With two 4s, and up to two Ks, we still have as many as 4 outs (an 8 to 1 shot) and plenty of money behind, which makes this a trivial call. On a 4 river I like to check/call. We are up against AA sometimes, and there's still that one KK combo, but we've also just caught up to AK. On a K river we have the nuts. We're crushing AA and we caught up to AK, also KK is now impossible. Since we don't expect many opponents to be folding AA here we can bet quite big. We can make our hand look like we're bluffing 67 or clubs. Not to mention, people just don't like folding AA. You might even go crazy with like a 1k bet if you think it will get called half as often as your pot-sized bet.

    For the future you should note how this guy plays. He is clearly super passive (as evidenced by all his minbets and raises). And when passive players raise they are usually really strong. I can't tell if he's loose passive or tight passive, but definitely passive.
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      Yeah as you suspect this is usually a fold preflop. Against an UTG raisers range your hand is usually in bad shape, and with a lot of people to act behind you are likely to find a better hand lurking there too. When it starts getting reraised you know your hand isn't good enough.

      But apart from getting in risky situations with marginal hands, if you find yourself playing too many hands your stack will quickly go down, giving you less options on how to play your hands sooner than otherwise.

      Nice river though


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        Firstly, thank you to both of you two for taking the time etc. and advice too.

        Now I know that you should try and put people on ranges, but I just had a warning feeling that he may have AK....and then with the other 4 on the turn it got me guessing.

        I was almost convinced (Iknow that this is the wrong way to look at things) that we were splitting the pot, but had to bet the river just in case it was just me winning.


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          Hi WeaselBasher! With KTs, unless I'm at a very, very passive table that would not raise, I'm going to muck KTs from early position. If I did want to play the hand, then I would raise to 120 to try and isolate the min-raiser (3X their bet). I flop top pair and I would make a standard value bet of 1/2 pot (135) here. I want to get value from hands that missed the flop, plus to see where I'm at in the hand, along with trying to get the opp behind me to muck so that I can play the rest of the hand in position. If either of the players call my flop bet and preflop raise, then I'm going to check the turn and hope to see a cheap river card. If the opps make a small bet here, I'm calling. If they make a large bet or start a raising war, then I'm mucking as I'm most likely beat by a bigger kicker or a 4. The river gives me top full house (2nd nuts). Here, I want to make the largest bet that either of the opps would call, normally about 1/3 to 1/2 pot.. but will bet larger if I think the opp will call a larger bet. The thing that I do not want to do in a hand like this is to be passive with my bets, because I'm out of position and will have to play the rest of the hand not knowing if I have the best hand or not. That's why I'd raise preflop, then bet the flop when I get top pair. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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