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Am I getting better...or not? Rafa Dream Day $1.10 Sat Part 1.

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  • Am I getting better...or not? Rafa Dream Day $1.10 Sat Part 1.

    This is pretty much a random hand, just wanted to know what you guys thought of my betting. And my judgement, as always The outcome doesn't matter, right? OK, good, lets continue I won't say anymore, apart from this is a 10 min blind tourney, the Villian had only been around for 10 hands, VPIP 33, 0 PFR. Early into tourney.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Preflop calling is perfectly fine on the button with KQ. You could argue for a raise 4xBB raise to get the blinds out of the way and build a pot in position and if the blinds were bigger and antes were in play I'd prefer that as so much more dead money would be out there. However at this stage in the tourney either option is perfectly fine.

    I like your bet on the flop. With no obvious draws there you don't need to make a big bet and this should get your opponent away unless he either has something or thinks you're full of it.

    On the turn, as you have been called you got to start by assuming your opponent has something. The limp in preflop and the check calling on the flop seems to fit an underpair. As the turn card doesn't seem to offer any immediate danger I'd assume I have the best hand. I might bet again if I think he will call or check if I think he will fold, in order induce a bet or call on the river. I think your bet here is a tad big, you could probably get the same results with a bet of between 110 and 130 as the board is still very safe.

    Once you are min-reraised though, like you did, I'd proceed with caution. I still don't think I'm folding top pair on this board but a check then min-reraise is usually the sign of a strong hand.

    On the river checking behind is perfect. Your opponent really made a big mistake by not extracting more value from his hand, and apart from betting slightly less on the turn I think you played the hand well and lost nearly as little as you were ever going to.


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      Hey WeaselBasher umbup: This is an excellent spot to raise preflop to put pressure on the limper. We have a strong hand which is well ahead of most players limping range, and our hand can flop quite well so I'm raising the button to 120 '4 the bb' here 100% of the time. As played, Bet sizing is a bit on the big side, I would like to see a half pot bet or a 3/4 pot bet or somewhere in between that on the flop and turn. Always be afraid of the small check raise on the turn, more often than not, this is a massive sign of strength... the guy is representing 64 or a set, it's hard to put somebody on 64 so a set in well in his range. Perhaps the odd Qx suited that flopped a goofy 2 pair on us but that's very unlikely. So with proceeding with caution in mind, I do like to call the small check raise and re evaluate the river, if villain bets big on the river then I like to fold. ' I don't like to fold but I think we got to ' vs most player types. Checking back on the river is fine. When he calls a flop bet, check raises the turn, and then checks the river it is a weird line to take... he could possibly have hands like Q10 which might call a river bet but is unlikely. Post flop I like the way you played the hand 'smaller bet sizes would be great though' Cheers, Chris.



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