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right call?

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  • right call?

    Hi Wanting to know if this was the right, call, I was 34BBs, and they guy was loose passive, and I thought he had AX hand, and I was right.

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    **moved to more appropriate forum JWK24***

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      Hi Magic,

      When we raise UTG here we need to have an idea of what we are going to do vs each stack in this kind of scenario. This is a bit difficult given all the different stack sizes, so I don't mind just folding a small pocket pair early like this.

      Raising I think is ok too. But we would be expecting to get it in vs a 12BB stack squeezing here I think. If the flat caller is a passive cally fish then I would probably prefer re-shoving 66 over the top to ensure that the caller doesn't get a great price to see the flop and come along.

      Good Luck

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        You have 3 really good reshove stacks to act after you. Also, you have the entire table left to act if you raise. A raise from UTG looks strong in general, so we should expect to be against relatively strong reshoving ranges, but we will be getting really good pot odds vs. their stacks and I don't really want to risk 20 BBs off my comfortable 37 BB stack here. I'd fold 66 UTG. The table layout is just not good for us to steal here. Try to tighten up or polarize your UTG raising range. Raise with hands that you're willing to go all the way with or can easily dump. I prefer to raise suited connectors like 97s etc. here. If 3-bet we can easily fold having invested just one raise, and if called we can c-bet a lot of boards and usually know where we stand postflop.

        As played we can't fold a hand this strong given such good pot odds. The caller's range is generally not strong here, but it almost certainly has a ton of equity against us so I'd want to reshove to isolate the squeezer and play against his somewhat wide range. We're most likely flipping, but the dead money in the pot more than makes up for that. And we do dominate 22-55, A2-A5, but we are crushed by 77+
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          Yep I agree with open folding in this spot because of setup of the table and what a tricky spot a reraise could put us in.



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