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Weekend vs Weekday on the microstakes MTT SnG's

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  • Weekend vs Weekday on the microstakes MTT SnG's

    Hi all. The reason I post this question is because the search did not really help me and I am actually quite curious on this. Apologies if this topic was treated before (which I can imagine). It is as follows:

    Have you ever experienced the player level on the microstakes being higher on weekdays than on weekends?

    Allow me to share my experiences. If you're not interested skip the following paragraph.

    I am still a beginning player, but I feel like I am slightly getting the feel for playing correct (straightforward) poker. I started the STT SnG's after a watching a lot of spacegravy video's and practise with play money. My play was going okay, slightly positive ROI until on a monday or tuesday I had a downswing of I think 10 games in a row. Wow, that pissed me off, especially since it took quite a chunk of my bankroll. After watching ahar010's video "Bankroll Builder: Dollar Doozy #1" I decided to give the MTT SnG microstakes a go and play on the save side when it comes to bankroll management. Using that strategy I trippled my bankroll over the weekend ending up playing the 90 man $0.50 Turbo MTT SnG's. Although I only got in the moeny every third or fourth time, my ROI was sure worthwhile. Today I continued playing them, but I lost like 12 games in a row. That must sound like tilt in the first place but I took all my cautions to prevent tilt and keep playing the way I play.

    A few things got me thinking. The amount of players today was far less than during the weekend. (This makes sense since most people have a regular job and enjoy playing recreational poker playing.) Besides that, of the people on my tables almost everyone was blocked from search (indicating grinders), which is far less than usual. I felt like my shoves were called slightly looser than usual. (Somehow this gave me the feeling I could simply not catch a break today.)

    Regarding my experience and the fact I have not been playing that many games would surely point out a downswing at first sight. Off course this could still be one and I am most certainly considering this as being one. However, summing up everything in the previous paragraph makes me feel like the level during weekdays at the microstakes is fairly higher. Please share your thought on this.

    - GuuZ88
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    Hi GuuZ88!

    I've actually found some to be tougher on the weekends than during the week. It will depend on the given tourney.

    Also, don't be surprised by 10 game losing streaks in these games.... there's a reason that the bankroll recommendation is 100 buy-in's. I've had plenty of streaks over 20 in a row.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      GuuZ88, with a relatively small sample size, I am seeing the same thing as you. I find there are a lot more players that I have noted as solid playing on weekdays, and a lot more recreational players (whom I don't recognize) playing late at night Eastern Time or on the weekends. I have also found my ROI to be better during the latter times.

      To be sure though, JWK brings up a great point that you need a pretty large sample size (some estimate 10,000+) to make a good assessment.

      In terms of deciding whether you are having a downswing though, be sure to review your past tournaments and the decisions you made. Did you make desperate plays when short-stacked? Did you make +EV plays? Did you follow solid fundamentals? etc etc

      Good luck


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        I moved up a couple of weeks ago from playing the 10c 360s to playing the 50c 90 mans and immediatly went on a 22 game downswing. This rattled me a bit as i'd only just moved up but when I paused to think a 30 or even 40 game downswing was not uncommon in the 10cs. Fortunatly I steadied the ship and am now back in profit. That's variance for you.
        As for your main topic I think that regs do probably make up a higher proportion of the players on weekdays, I guess you could try playing in the evening. Also you have to baer in mind the question; are the regs at 50c unbeatable? to which the answer is no. Hopefully as our games improve we will find that we do not fear them and our bankrolls will grow to the stage where we can move up and begin the process again at a new level.



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